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  3. Best and most original concept for a Pokemon this gen?

User Info: cybershocker455

1 month ago#1
I'm going with Falinks on this one. Having a Pokemon based on the Greek Phalanx formation is a rather unique concept for a Pokemon.
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User Info: X-blade14

1 month ago#2
Toxtricity and toxel. A punk rock enthusiast. Being both poison and electric. And it's pre evolved form being a little tantrum/uninterested throwing baby
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User Info: Lord_Zenki

1 month ago#3
Honestly I think the fossils are a really interesting concept, even if in practice they are pretty grotesque.
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User Info: SmashingBros

1 month ago#4
Gonna agree with Falinks on this one, but there are some strong contenders.

The fossils as a jab at early British archeology.

The "wyrm" in an apple who either breaks out or bakes.

Cramorant and Cursola as a whole.

Runerigus (as obtuse as the evolution method is, sacrificing Yamask to create a possessed runestone is brilliant.)

Alcremie's evolution method and flavors.

Dragapult being an extinct dragon (referencing Diplocaulus) lingering as a ghost while also combing elements of a stealth bomber.

The authentic/forgery Polteageists.
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User Info: DrunkCellist

1 month ago#5
wooloo cause he's a sheep
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  3. Best and most original concept for a Pokemon this gen?
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