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  3. I'm afraid i'll forget Gen 8 Pokemon exist in future games.

User Info: WingedKuriboh

1 month ago#11
GamePlaye posted...
So gen 8 new pokemon are counterfeit?

99% of Polteageist is Counterfeit
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User Info: GamePlaye

1 month ago#12
WingedKuriboh posted...
99% of Polteageist is Counterfeit

Yeah I never found a genuine one
I like how they are exactly the same except for a small tag you can barely see
Gamefreak is pro counterfeit

User Info: Thr33Stocked

1 month ago#13
I remember Gen 6 a lot to be honest. They just haven’t had a lot of representation in Alola or Galar. I could easily see Gogoat in Galar but oh well.

Dragalge would’ve been cool to see too but I guess they didn’t wanna steal Eternatus’ thunder as the Poison/Dragon type.

And honestly, Gen 6 felt so long ago that it just sorta melded with older gens in my mind. I almost forgot that Pangoro was a Gen 6 pokemon. I thought it was a Gen 5 for the longest.

User Info: Gamegeek123

1 month ago#14
Gen 2 is my favorite Pokemon games and I forget almost all of the Pokemon in that game, especially the names. That shows how forgettable Gen 2 Pokemon are.
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User Info: Philip027

1 month ago#15
Don't worry, Game Freak probably will forget too.

User Info: blackdragon1222

1 month ago#16
Probably the best designed since D/P for the originals. Games got some issues but this isn't one of them.

User Info: Xac351

1 month ago#17
Dumb-Fumbler posted...
It’s a bit difficult to forget an elephant with a very distinct color pattern, a gremlin/ goblin creature, a hydra witch goddess thing, two dogs with a shield/ sword, an alien dragon thing, an armored corvid, a gorilla, a rabbit, a weird basilisk lizard, an ancient salamander, a tower of cake, Ms. pots and chip, a horrendously ugly coal creature that reeks of Gen 1 Philosophy with its “muh angry eyes!”, Mecha Godzilla, a “Galarian” Volcarona with ice, a punk rocker and a bad game of “Match the cards!” with the fossils.
No, many of these are quite forgettable.

For god's sake, you literally described 2 "memorable" Pokemon as a rabbit and a gorilla. You know how many f***ing rabbits and gorillas are in pokemon?

You show me a picture of these Pokemon randomly, and I'll have much more trouble naming them then I would Gen 5 pokemon. Or hell, even Gen 6.
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User Info: Tag365

4 weeks ago#18
Well... In generation V we got cool Pokémon like Vullaby and Garbodor...
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User Info: Hirokey123

4 weeks ago#19
MajinSoulx posted...
That's a you problem tbh. Many of the Gen8 designs are pretty memorable.
This, how memorable something is really just depends on the person. Oh and age I suppose because as you age your memory gets worse.
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User Info: Alpha218

4 weeks ago#20
Tag365 posted...
Well... In generation V we got cool Pokémon like Vullaby and Garbodor...
Bruh... I know you’re not hating on Mandibuzz, one of the coolest Pokémon
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