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  3. This might be the first time in a Pokemon game that I bench the starter Pokemon.

User Info: Spacefrisian

1 month ago#31
I been kind of doing that since X/Y.
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User Info: Galvantula4

1 month ago#32
The game is a good bit harder without the starter. I am currently doing a mono bug run and the water and fire gyms are tough. but once I get golisopod it’ll literally eat the fire gym for breakfast.

User Info: Srk700

1 month ago#33
I ended up keeping Rillaboom around, but I barely used him after getting a full team of Pokemon that I liked. Really only used him against Hop's Inteleon and against Nessa in the final portion of the story.

User Info: FooFighters25

1 month ago#34
Intelleon is great because he's got the Frieza influence.
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User Info: zlaker1001

1 month ago#35
nskyliner34 posted...
If you picked the grass or water starter in these games, you dun goofed
How so? Rillaboom is a motherf***ing beast.

Edit: Also what the f*** people didn't like Delphox?
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User Info: WizardofHoth

1 month ago#36
I dont even like the new starter pokemon. the green monkey with drum looks stupid in the first place. plus the water pokey is a lizard or something? So its like the water version of Treecko or something?

User Info: CrescentKnight

1 month ago#37
already benched starters back in Gen V where they were all bad tbh, didn't bench one in this one though.
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User Info: otischugach

1 month ago#38
My grooky is terrible. He NEVER hits with razor leaf. The accuracy says 95 but in game it’s been more like 1 hit out of every 5 attempts. And razor leaf is it’s only decent physical grass move.
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User Info: MettanAtem

1 month ago#39
Cinderace is pretty good in the main game, given he gets a 120 power Fire move with no downsides beyond imperfect accuracy.

User Info: MajinSoulx

1 month ago#40
I've benched my starters since Gen5 (not Decidueye though).
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  3. This might be the first time in a Pokemon game that I bench the starter Pokemon.
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