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  3. How would you feel if Pokemon got balance patches?

User Info: CarefreeDude

4 days ago#1
For instance, say a specific move was too game breaking, or a pokemon had too good of stats, or something else could stand to have better stats...

We would occasionally get updates to balance the game better.

Kinda like smash bros
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User Info: CrescentKnight

4 days ago#2
Gamefreak would need to know how to properly balance the game, but considering how busted Dynamaxing is I wouldn't trust them with any form of balancing tbh.
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User Info: Regurk_Abas

4 days ago#3
Would be nice but will never happen.

Probably already working on the next game.
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User Info: chief606

4 days ago#4
I wouldn't mind, but the pro competitive scene might. Those guys spend forever figuring out the ins and outs of sets. If they changed it frequently, they might not be cool with it. But it would be fun to see the meta change often.
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User Info: MsMeiriona

4 days ago#5
please no, I have enough trouble keeping track of things as it is, don't change things without releasing a new game.
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  3. How would you feel if Pokemon got balance patches?
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