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User Info: Total_Panda

1 month ago#11
Zaye_ posted...
Total_Panda posted...
Contracts posted...
Removing the cap on steroids was a great move. Never got why it existed in the first place.

Artificially inflating playtime maybe?

Still have to grind out the money for the vitamins so I guess it trades off some way. Especially when it would take like 500,000 to nearly max out the EV’s of a single Pokemon.

I mean with the watts I get resetting raids I'm sitting on fat stacks of cash.
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User Info: Contracts

1 month ago#12
With the seminar pokejobs, if you are willing to do the time shenanigans with the switch, maxing out EVS can be done quickly, freely, and in batches.
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User Info: FinalFantasyVII

1 month ago#13
Well I certainly don't go to my Nintendo Switch when I need to check the date and time.
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  3. Are EV's basically the same concept?
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