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User Info: Naruzeldamaster

1 week ago#1
for example...Dunsparce...
Another example are any single stage evolutions that aren't great.
It'd be kinda cool to see the eeveelutions evolve (again!) and gain a second typing.
lessee...what else are there?
Ditto evolving into a mimic would be cool
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User Info: JonasABlood

1 week ago#2
I’d say Shuckle if eviolite didn’t exist
Sunflora (please make this thing Grass/Fire already)

a lot more but these are the ones that come to mind
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User Info: CharizardFire

1 week ago#3

Seriously, it has a BST of 430.

Keep in mind, this is taking into account the stat bumps it got in Sun and Moon. Prior to that, it had a BST of 410!

Now, BST isn't the only thing that matters in making a Pokemon good (in fact, some Pokemon don't need a high BST to be good), but Magcargo having such a low BST shows that there is ample room for extra stats, and with its movepool actually being at least halfway decent, extra stats are what it needs - evolution can provide that.

User Info: mongopikis

1 week ago#4
Mawile, if they're nixing megas for good.

User Info: NeonDragon9000

1 week ago#5
nd9k: everything i post is terrible

User Info: TheCodeisBosco

1 week ago#6
I always felt like a Chimecho evolution would have potential, especially since they did a good job with its pre-evo.
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The music was... thud-like.

User Info: UltraDeku

1 week ago#7
Naruzeldamaster posted...
Ditto evolving into a mimic would be cool
Ditto is fine just the way it is, especially if it has it's Hidden Ability.
Lovdisc however...
Banana for scale

User Info: dodo129

1 week ago#8
ledian this thing is the worst
make it fighting bug with slight att and speed boost and huge power
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User Info: ShikanRaider

1 week ago#9
Lilligant, like they originally intended to.
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User Info: Ironneos99

1 week ago#10
Altaha Abilia
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