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  3. Did you OR are you going to complete the Pokedex?

User Info: runnerup78

4 days ago#61
Completed my pokedex two days ago. Completing the pokedex is much faster in this generation as you can use the exp candies to level up pokemon to evolve, compared to grinding out their levels like in previous gens. Also in postgame, pokemon in the wild area are always level 60, so you can pretty much get their evolved form with one or two rare candies or XL candies.

The only hard part to completing the pokedex are the version exclusives, and maybe some super specific evolution methods for certain pokemon, like alcremie, runerigus or sirfetch'd, which to be fair, aren't too hard, but just time consuming.
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User Info: umop-apisdn

4 days ago#62
Only at 110. Just beat the game, I was planning on catching every and all Pokémon per area when I started. Didn’t see it through though.

I’ll probably go for a Living Dex, since I never made one. I’ve never actually fully completed the Pokédex in any main series game, now that I think about it..

Either way, I want that lucky charm.
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User Info: CChrono

4 days ago#63
I plan to complete the Pokedex but I will not do a live dex for this game until I see how Home works out.
I completed it the Saturday after the game came out.
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User Info: ChibiRidley

4 days ago#65
finished it almost exactly a week after the game came out(would've been done 2 days earlier but it was tough finding a Deino trade)
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User Info: Tha_Man_DS

4 days ago#66
When Pokémon Home is out, yes.
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User Info: DanF2000

4 days ago#67
At 330 of the dex filled, and I love how accessible it is to trade now, don't even need friend codes!
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User Info: Alpha218

4 days ago#68
Already did it this past weekend
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  3. Did you OR are you going to complete the Pokedex?
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