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  3. Did you OR are you going to complete the Pokedex?

User Info: Foxpips

3 days ago#41
Nope only did it for the original 150

User Info: Rydershigh

3 days ago#42
Never cared too tbh it’s not for me even if the reward is nice.
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User Info: Red_Rosemon

3 days ago#43
Probably not, I’ve never completed the dex before and I see no reason to do it now.
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User Info: Andros-2k10

3 days ago#44
kamilohbk posted...
Wait, how does one get the charm first?

You get the Shiny Charm after completing the Pokedex. It has always been like this.
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User Info: Alpr1010

3 days ago#45
I've always hated that you cannot get every pokemon, as some are specific to events which you are forced to hack in instead to ever get if you live outside Japan or whatnot, so I never really bothered past gen 1 to fill the pokedex. I did gen 2 but were only missing stuff like Celebi. Didn't bother with gen 3 at all and didn't play gen 4-7 (and extremely unlikely I'd collect them all in any of them).

It was nice getting the pokedex filled in shield, except Mew. All pokemon should be obtainable. Version exclusives are fine, but having to go out of your way for 'special' ones is really dumb to me.
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User Info: xyzman

3 days ago#46
I wanted to, but screw eternal hail at later routes and in the Wild Area (I know about Switch date trick, but still).

Lack of GTS is so goddamn depressing.
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User Info: PS2Gamer

3 days ago#47
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User Info: Chaos-15

3 days ago#48
IamNori posted...
That is indeed the flaw of having two different versions of the same game, not necessarily the lack of GTS. Maybe Pokemon is better off with just one version? It's certainly more convenient that way.

I can't say for sure. I just know that ditching the "third version" idea was brilliant.
It was brilliant. Now we only have to deal with 3rd & 4th version combo.
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User Info: zommbie

3 days ago#49
I have no plans on Ever completing a pokedex ever again..

Gen1,2,3,4 completed so I'm done with that
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User Info: Gamefreaks

3 days ago#50
zeldapsychology posted...
Debating it myself. I have a living Dex up to Gen 7 (minus Meltan/Melmetal.) Took 400+ hrs. between X and ORAS. Went for the 80 or so new ones in Gen 7 and have 70 something close to the Galar Dex. A Living Galar Dex of the NEW Pokemon.

Not sure I want to catch all 400. I'll move over from Home and have a WHOLE regional Dex anyways.

If you completed it or Plan too Why? Was it your first Dex completion are you obsessive and going for a Living Dex as I did in Generation 6 400+ hrs. later? lol!

Im in this same boat lol a complete living pokedex in pokebank and cant transfer it yet. also meltan and melmetal in pokemon lets go pikachu
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