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  3. Did you OR are you going to complete the Pokedex?
Yeah I completed it a few days ago.
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User Info: GamePlaye

3 days ago#32
Completed it
might make a living dex once home comes out, right now it is impossible, not enough boxes for breesing eggs+ trained mon+ living dex

User Info: BazzaPersonal

3 days ago#33
Completed it after around 70 hours.
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" (why is nobody breeding cursola?) " i have no idea where it's found and thus can't breed it

i want to complete the pokedex, but im not even at 200
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User Info: coconutarmy1

3 days ago#35
I don't think so. I only really pick ones I like. Some of them look cool in a "I liked this kind of design when I was 15" sort of way that got weary for me pretty fast. Gallade, for example, does nothing for me. I like the more unique looking ones.
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User Info: s_dubs

3 days ago#36
Nah. Which is why I don't give two s***s about dexit and never would, even if I did play earlier gens. It's pointless to have 900+ mons when 90-95% of them just sit in boxes and are never used. I catch pokemon I see and if I want to actually use rarer ones I'll go out of my way to catch them. Otherwise f*** it.

For the record I'm currently at like 205 caught currently at around 50 hours played right now.
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User Info: mattnd2007

3 days ago#37
I will try. But I'm not going to burn myself out. If I get to the point where I'm not having fun I'll just be done. Right now I'm almost at endgame. So I still have a long way to go.
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User Info: siegfried2911

3 days ago#38
At first I don't want to because I don't see the point. Because of the Dexit, maybe I can't even transfer all of them to the next game. But in the end, I decided to catch them all.. I am looking justification for the 60$-purchase...
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User Info: JL3Legend

3 days ago#39
I finished mine a few days ago. I'm disappointed that I've literally completed the entire game. My only reward is better odds of catching shiny pokemon and I really dont feel like that is much at all.

User Info: vejeta

3 days ago#40
Yes but it was nothing compared to getting all 721 across xy/oras which I did in 4 weeks.
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  3. Did you OR are you going to complete the Pokedex?
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