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  3. Did you OR are you going to complete the Pokedex?

User Info: IamNori

3 days ago#11
I'm at 361 caught. Getting there.
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User Info: BloodyRabbit

3 days ago#12
Nope, not my thing.
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User Info: Crystal_Dream

3 days ago#13
I'd like to, but without a GTS, I can't exactly get what I need.
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User Info: ssjremuko

3 days ago#14
all i have left is Goodra and Zacian. Im gonna get Zacian tonight and when the clock hits midnight and the snow in every area is gone I should be able to find some rain and get Goodra as well.
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Over half the Pokemon are.missing so my job is half done 👍

I also want that shiny charm.
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User Info: Unknown Force

Unknown Force
3 days ago#16
I see no reason to do it anymore.
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User Info: Chaos-15

3 days ago#17
Eeeeeeeeeh. I don't know.
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User Info: Puglia77

3 days ago#18
Yep, already did. Was very easy this gen, even without the GTS. So many things can be found in the Wild Area alone. All you would need after that are version exclusives and trade evolutions.
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User Info: MajinSoulx

3 days ago#19
Completed it last Saturday. I actually completed most of it via wondertrade and online raids. I only had a friend of mine help me out with 6 shield exclusives that seem to not be popular with wondertrade (why is nobody breeding cursola?)
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User Info: robby87

3 days ago#20
Crystal_Dream posted...
I'd like to, but without a GTS, I can't exactly get what I need.

there are trading boards where you get what you need in less than five minutes and you dont have to worry about some person putting their lv 7 shiny lugia for trade asking for a lv 1 male vespiquen. people literally just gave me type null and sylvally just because i said i needed one, so complaining about a lack of gts is just whining
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  3. Did you OR are you going to complete the Pokedex?
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