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Debating it myself. I have a living Dex up to Gen 7 (minus Meltan/Melmetal.) Took 400+ hrs. between X and ORAS. Went for the 80 or so new ones in Gen 7 and have 70 something close to the Galar Dex. A Living Galar Dex of the NEW Pokemon.

Not sure I want to catch all 400. I'll move over from Home and have a WHOLE regional Dex anyways.

If you completed it or Plan too Why? Was it your first Dex completion are you obsessive and going for a Living Dex as I did in Generation 6 400+ hrs. later? lol!

User Info: Yasukima

5 days ago#2
Well I'm at 380ish so yeah I'll complete it just for a slightly higher chance at a shiny

User Info: Alligamer72

5 days ago#3
No because I don't have online and none of my friends has the game

User Info: ultradinosaur

5 days ago#4
I'll get around to it once my friend picks up shield so we can trade exclusives easily. In the meantime I'm focusing on catching raid Pokemon I don't have yet.

User Info: robby87

5 days ago#5
i just completed it thanks to generous people on the trading board

User Info: 21lolmaster

5 days ago#6
Completed the dex (not a living dex, just everything registered) for the first time this gen. Went absurdly fast as my friend group of 4 (2 with each version) constantly traded and grinded mons for each other, making everyone's dex go faster. I finished it at 65 hours.

User Info: shinryu_omega

5 days ago#7
I plan on eventually completing the dex, but right now I'm more concerned about getting a competitive team together. I really want my shiny charm though. I still need 73 pokemon, but I'll probably get around to it before Home. I do have a living dex, but I'll probably keep that intact just in case next gen has them all.
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User Info: Auron899

5 days ago#8
Never have never will. I catch and breed for battle not collection

User Info: SuperPocketMan

5 days ago#9
Not this time. I was only able to complete the Dex in S/M/US/UM due to a combination of transfer mons and GTS, and neither of which are actively available in Sw/Sh.
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User Info: Nightfire2512

5 days ago#10
Maybe. Between X (I think it’s X) and Ultra Sun I have everything up until gen 7 (aside from the Ultra Moon exclusive ultra beasts, which I’m still working on and Meltan/Metal). And in Sword already have everything except the Shield legendary and Appletun.

I don’t really care about filling out the in game dex, I just want to know that I have them all in general.
(edited 5 days ago)
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  3. Did you OR are you going to complete the Pokedex?
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