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User Info: piranhapete

1 year ago#21
Srheeropercent posted...
@piranhapete is it one of the berrys you get for 300 400 500 wins from battle tower?

No. All you get from that is the Lansat Berry and the Starf Berry.
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User Info: Lord_Mudkip

1 year ago#22
i love how easy it is to get leftovers in this game!
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User Info: CaptainRyback

1 year ago#23

User Info: cmk8

1 year ago#24
Thanks for this - wondered how I had so many leftovers, guess they're from the trees!
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User Info: Jazek86794444

1 year ago#25
Thanks for this TC

User Info: Hakuroh

1 year ago#26
Thank you! <3
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User Info: PS2Gamer

1 year ago#27
They should add in more
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User Info: gwwak

1 year ago#28
PS2Gamer posted...
They should add in more
Yeah definitely.
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They will. In the new wild areas in the expansion pass.

Atleast for apriballs
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User Info: gs_bass

1 year ago#30
Wonder when we'll get the event berries (and hopefully some berry growing patches)
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