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User Info: gs_bass

1 year ago#1
I decided to organize the info from serebii's list to make it more convenient
Also because those images barely help at all, seriously I wish they'd use descriptions or the map

if that list ever gets updated however, then this mini guide will be out of date

Route 7 - below the bridge - hug the bottom edge by the Gentleman and go right
- all 6 berries + Lum

Giant's Mirror - beside the pond (this tree seems very temperamental)
- all 6 berries + chance of Leftovers

Bridge Field - the 3 trees below the north bridge, 5 arches from the left side (click to expand)
- right tree: Kelpsy, Qualot + Sitrus/Passho/Wiki & chance of Leftovers
- middle tree: Pomeg, Tamato + Sitrus/Occa/Figy & chance of Leftovers
- left tree: Hondew, Grepa + Sitrus/Rindo/Aguav & chance of Leftovers

Motostoke Riverbank - coming from the nursery, southwest of the south bridge - in the corner of the brick walls beside the large pipe (between the bridge and the railway)
- all 6 berries + chance of Leftovers

Then these 3 spread apart trees that host 2 berries each, though you can kinda go to them "in order" which isn't too tedious

Hammerlocke Hills
- southwest of Hammerlocke's entrance by the tall tree
- Kelpsy, Hondew + Sitrus/Iapapa/Mago & chance of Leftovers

- by the cliff to the east and near the wall
- Pomeg, Grepa + Leppa/Wacan/Petaya & chance of Leftovers

Giant's Cap - hug the edge of Lake of Outrage and keep going south when you reach the stone wall
- Qualot, Tamato + Ganlon/Apicot/Lum & chance of Leftovers


...and there's some low chance trees that have to be listed for completion - they're not really worth visiting daily, but you can if you want (I won't be touching them however)

Dappled Grove
- tree beside the Watt Trader, with the dead log between them
- Pomeg + Oran/Chesto/Rawst/Pecha

- there are 2 trees near the edge to Watchtower Ruins, the southern one has this berry
- Grepa + Chesto/Rawst/Leppa/Chilan

Rolling Fields - Near the border to Dappled Grove - by the water and beside the den
- Kelpsy + oran/Persim/Cheri

Giant's Seat - south side of the big rock
- Qualot + Sitrus/Chesto/Aspear/Leppa/Ganlon

North Lake Miloch - keep heading east from Motostoke's entrance until you see the dam
- Hondew + Rawst/Persim/Aspear/Petaya

Tamato doesn't have a solo berry tree for it

Hope this helps (mostly helping myself)

User Info: sword0flight

1 year ago#2
Thanks alot. This was very useful!

User Info: Coffee_Nurse

1 year ago#3
Bump and tag. You're doing the Lord's work.
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User Info: gs_bass

1 year ago#4
K, did the sticky request. And here's a bump I guess.

User Info: salamence_pkmn

1 year ago#5
Thanks for this TC
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User Info: Zeromous375

1 year ago#6
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User Info: CommodoreConn

1 year ago#7
Sticky requested
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User Info: J_DJ

1 year ago#8
Thank you. Exactly what I'm looking for.

User Info: supremeblaster

1 year ago#9
Specifically the one in Motostoke Riverbank near the corner wall is the best overall cause it purely gives EV berries, AND has a raid spot located just a few feet away so you can reset the tree with the 'day forward' trick super fast.

In action it looks like this
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User Info: the_NGW

1 year ago#10
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