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  3. Am i the only one that wants less Pokémon instead of more Pokemon

User Info: 3HP

1 week ago#11
No, there are a lot of fanboys and apologists who say they want less Pokemon, in fact the newest talking point they are pushing is that it will be good for competitive because it's literally the only defensible angle and they are pathetically desperate to defend the game. Seems like this is just another one of those topics

User Info: ZenithianHero

1 week ago#12
I wouldn't say "less" but I like the flavored regions and seeing that there are different Pokemon wherever you go in the Pokemon universe.
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User Info: projectducklett

1 week ago#13
I always need more new Pokemon at least 100+ new Pokemon. More new mon mean more surprise which always hypes me up.

User Info: Munden1989

1 week ago#14
Apocalypso posted...
I'm not competitive but a friend of mine is happy about the cuts for similar reasons. He said he was tired of seeing Garchomp in competitive play. He's actually annoyed Aegislash wasn't cut.
You know what the better solution is? Just keeping them out of competitive play with banning or using a rotation of what’s allowed in, instead of just cutting them out of games completely

User Info: emagdnE

1 week ago#15
I'd be all for permanently cutting the pokémon that aren't pokémon. (Y'know. Like all the Gen 5 and Gen 8 pokémon. A lot of the Gen 6 and Gen 7 pokémon too. Even some Gen 1 pokémon like Jynx and Mr. Mime.)

But those are precisely the pokémon that Sw/Sh are giving the best treatment to. Which is the problem. Fan favorites are being cut so s***mon like literally just an apple and ice cube penguin can live.
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User Info: GujinKami

1 week ago#16
I agree, cut everything but Charizard.
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