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User Info: Cheeze_E_Breath

4 days ago#11
Dammit, you beat me to it TC.

Personally, I'd like to thank Game Freak for making awesome Pokemon over the past two decades. The Pokemon themselves are why I keep coming back. The games are fun for the most part, but the actual Pokemon are why I keep playing. Thank you Game Freak.

User Info: zado19

4 days ago#12
im guess this came about because of the report that they had to put nets around the headquarters the other day
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User Info: ApocalypticPosn

4 days ago#13
Thanks guys, I didn't look at the tweets under the hashtag. Well, I suppose with only 6 days until a brand new pokemon game, people are bound to be feeling a bit nostalgic, thus all the reminiscing and thanks.

Just hope they don't get TOO nostalgic for, say, Squirtle though T_T

Dang I'm gonna miss Gliscor soooo much whyyyyy
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User Info: Rillaboom

4 days ago#14
ApocalypticPosn posted...
Wonder if it's sarcasm lmao

Probably lol

User Info: Cheeze_E_Breath

4 days ago#15
Rillaboom posted...
ApocalypticPosn posted...
Wonder if it's sarcasm lmao

Probably lol

It's not. Just look on Twitter yourselves and you'll see many people with good intent in their tweets with this hashtag.

User Info: kix5

4 days ago#16
Weird, you'd think the "vast majority" does not need such a mechanism to cope with the criticism, but okay.
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User Info: TalesofRemorse

4 days ago#17
I don't have an issue with people thanking GF. But the timing is problematic. Any other time would have been fine. But people are only doing this because the games are getting criticism, rightful criticism. And criticism is somehow bad, as if those criticizing don't love the franchise any more than those who blindly accept everything GF does. I don't agree with harassment, but I don't agree with blind faith.

These people forget GF are not your friends. They don't give a damn about their consumers on an individual basis. They are a business and want to make money. They will do and say anything if it means getting your money, just like politicians.
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User Info: The_Undying_84

4 days ago#18
I don't think game developers need a Twitter movement just to thank them just for doing their job. If you think they did a good job you thank them by buying the product.

User Info: rocky505

4 days ago#19
A lot of the tweets are just bots spamming the top trends.
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