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StewieGriffin23 posted...
Boo hoo, you didn't get what you wanted and everyone else tolerates it. That's tough, huh?

You begged for balance before, now you don't want it? It's funny how you guys dislike the lack of change, then you whine like petulant children about the games that do take risks.

I feel so sorry for you.

How is this any more balanced than before?

Nor have any risks been taken - the term risk implies there's potential for gain, when these changes offer no benefit, not even theoretically.
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User Info: s_dubs

4 days ago#32
Quite the opposite. Getting back into Pokemon with this one. Haven't played a new Pokemon game since Gen 2. (not counting Let's Go, which I did play. And thoroughly enjoyed)

So needless to say, all the s*** everyone around here is b****ing and moaning about doesn't affect me in the slightest. Dexit? Didn't even know national dex was a concept. The animations are bad? Couldn't care less. If I cared about graphics so much I wouldn't own a Switch in the first place and would just be a PC snob. And so on.
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@s_dubs posted...
(not counting Let's Go, which I did play. And thoroughly enjoyed)

Finally, someone else I can agree with.
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User Info: LRodC

4 days ago#34
firegreen10 posted...
Yeah I'm probably done with pokemon. Gen 6 and 7 were really disappointing for me. I'll replay some of the older games another time. I just picked up Cyber Sleuth and been having a blast with it even through I never liked digimon.
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User Info: BadDecisions

4 days ago#35
I'm never "quitting Pokemon", Pokemon has been a part of me for 21 years now.
I'm skipping this generation because it looks terrible and makes me sad, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't still gonna follow the news, that I wouldn't still think plenty of pleasant Pokemon thoughts, and that I wouldn't be back as soon as they make another good game.

User Info: TrustyPeaches

4 days ago#36
kumorixLoveless posted...
I'm still sticking with battles at smogon so. Does that count?

Jesus christ the meta is screwed.

I'm a part of monotype and god damn the dex cut skewered every type.
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User Info: Mooman

4 days ago#37
I already stopped playing a long time ago. 5th gen was the last set of pokemon games I enjoyed and I don't plan on getting Sword or Shield
If no one comes back from the future to stop you, how bad of a decision can it really be?
I, of course, am gonna continue playing them; I literally do not give a s*** about a few hundreds of whiny bratty babies that can't seem to stfu about the games.
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User Info: xF0x

4 days ago#39
I'm not quitting as a whole but I have quit on the games last year, the series is too far gone for it to ever return to form. It's not even an exclusively Game Freak problem anymore, Nintendo helped bury it with their asinine policies on gaming. Everything is screwed now and I don't see them unscrewing even half of it any time soon, I'll just stick to enjoying the fan works instead.
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User Info: ImTheLoneWolf

4 days ago#40
I was actually debating buying this game considering there were no more f***ing stupid ZMovea and Mega evolutions. Then my friend told me certain Pokemon werent going to be in the game and I gave up hope.

f*** you Gamefreak.
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