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I'm still sticking with battles at smogon so. Does that count?
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User Info: GujinKami

4 days ago#12
I'll still follow competitive and play Showdown, but I see absolutely no reason to continue supporting a franchise and company that has made it clear they don't give a s*** about their consumers.

Ishagu posted...
You can't claim it's looking like the worst

Even excluding dexit (which is a MAJOR problem) from all the leaks, it sounds like the only issue they fixed from the past several games is the game isn't a complete forced tutorial, but beyond that all the problems still exist. Small and linear region, much easier game due to enforced Exp Share, and a severely lacking post-game (again)

At best it'll be better than Sun and Moon, but again with the context that they cut so much content with so little improvements to compensate, it really is shaping up to be the black sheep of the franchise.
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User Info: Ralizah

4 days ago#13
Not me. I think the new games look fantastic.

If you're not enjoying yourself, though, you should absolutely quit.

User Info: rosacea

4 days ago#14
Everyone getting so salty over a kids game. What is going on with the world?
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User Info: GujinKami

4 days ago#15
rosacea posted...
Everyone getting so salty over a kids game. What is going on with the world?

defenders aren't toxic btw
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User Info: ssbmrocks

4 days ago#16
hailthorn posted...
Not me. Been playing since the 90s. Not gonna dtop til im dead
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User Info: bstroke0425

4 days ago#17
Not me. My friends, family and I are too excited. I’ll admit that not having all the Pokemon this gen sucks, but I’m confident Gamefreak is gonna reverse the policy eventually. They caught too much flak.
I mean, I'll play it by ear, I'm not just gonna declare now that I'm "quitting" it regardless of what ever happens.

But, I won't buy any Pokemon game that
1. Doesn't have all the Pokemon.
2. Forces the use of Exp Share
3. Requires auto saving (something I think they'll probably do next time).

User Info: Gatsuka

4 days ago#19
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User Info: LordDiscord

4 days ago#20
Mega_Gardevoir posted...
You can see it in the posts here. Customer loyalty for brands conquers all it seems. It doesn't matter what kind of product you make anymore, so long as it's a brand people are attached to it will continue to get bought anyway.

And that kind of sums up my problem with the industry lately. At least when it comes to popular stuff like Nintendo.

I mean, we've had quitters before who turned around and eventually bought the game anyway. Either this or the next, because they had that "Pokemon itch".

My point is, it's pointless to make quitting topics because chances are you're gonna buy the game anyway. If not this then the next one. If you do succeed great, but we're not gonna hear from you any more to know about it.

Not to mention that there would really be no way of proving you did not buy the games, even if you claim otherwise. So it's pointless to really tell people over the internet that you are not buying something when in all honesty, you could buy the product, and no one would ever know if you did or not
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