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User Info: ShadeStrider1

1 week ago#1
"Masuda, No! The Sales have not been confirmed! It's too risky!"

"Ridiculous. It's perfectly safe! We are about to bear witness to the birth of a corporate era!"
"Once, Only a god could sell such a empty product. But today, companies moves one step closer to the divine!"

"Are you serious? Do you even understand your stance?"

"What's the Alternative, do you just want to just surrender and put more work and Pokemon into the game?"
"The Switch is a gift from some divine entity. It is a gateway, a gateway that will take us to an entirely new era of corporate loyalty."

"You're delusional."
"Divine Entity?"
"The Switch is nothing more than a ultra successful console!"

"Employee... we game developers are fools. We are on the verge of burning even our highest profits. But the Switch could transform us into something so much more!"
"This is the birth of a brand new corporate era!"

"Stop! Masuda!"
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User Info: NeonDragon9000

1 week ago#2
nd9k: everything i post is terrible

User Info: GujinKami

1 week ago#3

User Info: Xephilon

1 week ago#4
"You tried and that's all that matters...also winning"

User Info: Metua

1 week ago#5
Your boycott... it did not cut deep enough.

User Info: Judgmenl

1 week ago#6
r u ok?
You're a regular Jack Kerouac

User Info: Therony

1 week ago#7
Long time ago, there was nothing but a giant sea...and then giant Pokémon appeared. It was charizard.
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User Info: 21lolmaster

1 week ago#8
Can't wait for the new legendaries, the Pikonis and the Charonis.

User Info: shinyspheal

1 week ago#9
I don't know
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User Info: Splatdude431

1 week ago#10
I don't get it.
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