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User Info: mugs4jugs16

1 week ago#11
Im sorry but generation 1 🤷🏾‍♂ . Yes it started it all but i hate all of the pokemon

User Info: wind64a

1 week ago#12
I wouldn't say I actually dislike the Pokemon of a given gen, but 2 had the most disappointment. It introduced baby Pokemon, which put a hard stop to certain lines getting an evolution later on. There's also a few Pokemon, such as Stantler, where being single stage was a let down.
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User Info: Sopheroo

1 week ago#13
Gen 2, simply due to the introduction of baby pokemon.

The great majority of non-baby pokemon are fine. Like, Scizor, Ampharos,'s just, the concept of babies started there and should never have been a thing. Ever.

User Info: Taaron

1 week ago#14
Well all gens had some bad ones but my overall thoughts on each gen

Gen 1 felt it is classic...
Gen 2 not as good as the first but pretty good
Gen 3 no real complaints, alright.
Gen 4 I kinda zoned out during this generation so just indifferent
Gen 5 had some pretty bad ones but it also had some pretty good ones. The bipolar generation for me
Gen 6 pretty good generation
Gen 7 A few good / okay ones but overall not found of the majority. Some of the new forms are also alright.
Gen 8 Overall pretty terrible. Not sure I like a single new Pokemon. Few new forms are okay.

So I guess gen 8 is the winner... loser for me.
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User Info: CrescentKnight

1 week ago#15
Gen 2 for me, tbh Gen 2 was the first Gen I actually skipped cause I hated the designs at the time. I still hate some of the designs in that Gen but like a handful of Gen 2 Pokemon specially after I manage to revisit the games on an emulator during Gen 4 and then replaying it in HG/SS.
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User Info: Rydershigh

1 week ago#16
Surprise surprise people still haven’t gotten over the Ice cream Pokémon and the trash Pokémon
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User Info: GuitaristMatt

1 week ago#17
I have a good ratio of favorites for every gen, but I think 2 is probably the lowest. I just counted and I like 15 out of 100 of them. For comparison I like 42 gen 5 designs, which comes out to be about 25%.
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User Info: James xeno

James xeno
1 week ago#18
Going to have to go with gen 5 here.. (though last gen wasn't much better)

On a side note.. Guess which gen got the largest number and % of pokemon into the new games despite being the worst/most forgettable!
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User Info: Relinquished

1 week ago#19
ss21vegito posted...
Wasn’t this what 5 was legendary for? That and 2 following

So legendary that it seems to have only 2-3 examples that aren't even notably bad.
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User Info: Luigi player

Luigi player
1 week ago#20
Gen 8, pretty closely after is Gen 3.

Best designs were Gen 1 and 5.
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