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User Info: pichuscute

1 week ago#61
Well, no one likes James Turner. We've known that for years. I don't blame the JP fans for finally realizing this, as we have for a long time now.

He isn't awful as an artist when put in check (I liked Mandibuzz okay enough) but he definitely shouldn't be put in charge, as we've clearly seen. We can't pretend this isn't the fault of the entire art team, either, though. They all seem to suck pretty equally at this point, considering how widespread the art problems are....

All that said, obviously, that's no excuse to be racist. Just call his work s*** and criticize Game Freak's awful decision making like everyone else.

Edit: His work isn't the real problem with these games, though. While the art direction is quite poor, he is still actually doing his job. It's the implementation of the art assets and the lack of quality and content elsewhere that's the brunt of the problem here, which should be from other parts of the company.
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User Info: xF0x

1 week ago#62
Everything will be fire.

User Info: soothsayer

1 week ago#63
2Chan is notorious for having chansman types which naturally includes racist morons, much like our own chan knockoffs. Of all the sites to pick, you picked one of the most negative, vitriolic sample pools.

That being said, I wouldn't be surprised if there is a segment of fans there who just hate turner's white ass and feel he doesn't get pokemon or whatever. I can't help but disagree as his influence has been a positive for the variety among pokemon designs and I quite like most of his own monsters. And really the art direction for this game isn't even the biggest issue with it(especially in regards to the human characters). Honestly 2Chan can piss right off with this Turner vitriol.

It should be noted that Matsuda is getting just as much if not more blame for SWSH though. I feel focusing too much on Turner burner gives off the impression he's taking more of the blame than he actually is. Matsuda is taking the brunt of the fan outrage really.

User Info: Ishagu

1 week ago#64
Japanese can be pretty racist. They'll bland outsiders if they can.
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User Info: xxdudeyy

1 week ago#65
"Dislike ... (James Turner) Please quit ..."

Straight to the point.

User Info: Juliansgirl

1 week ago#66
ITs tpc that needs all the blame or hate m

Gamefreak is just doing what they are told
They got no choice of say
Tpc only cares that the games are quick quick so they can make money on merchandise.

The artist is innocent and doesn’t deserve hate. I don’t like his art work but leave him out of it. He didn’t decide to cut Pokémon or rush the game. I don’t like his design at all but he isn’t the issue. He working good as he can under a lot of stress.

Japanese can be just as racist as anyone else

User Info: TheMehssenger

1 week ago#67
People have a hate boner against James Turner. What else is new?
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User Info: ImaginBreaker

1 week ago#68
ShadowSilver13 posted...
It really is most of them, I'd be quicker to say which ones I DO like:

1. Corsola, Cursola
2. Zigzagoon/Linoone, NOT Obstagoon
3. Corviknight

I also like Orbeetle, but it is legit a Digimon. It looks like a Digimon. Not a Pokemon.
It doesn't, just shut the f*** up. I'm sick of people saying that. It looks like a Pokemon, why? Because the artsyle is Pokémon! So of course it does.
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User Info: Golem25

1 week ago#69
Japan is absolutely based and redpilled.
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User Info: soothsayer

1 week ago#70
Golem25 posted...
Japan is absolutely based and redpilled.

You said this before, but what does this even mean?
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