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User Info: SSJ4CHRIS

1 week ago#171
If Japan was really upset over this, it would be well know by now.

They shut down Nintendo when they tried to launch the 'new' 3DS without a charger. Why do you think Japan was the only region to get them?
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User Info: Dumb-Fumbler

1 week ago#172
ClimhazzardZero posted...
As much as I agree with alot of the ridicule you get on the FE boards, this post has boosted my overall respect for you.
You saying this has caused some 30000 people to die for no reason. the butterfly effect is strong

a rift in the space time continuum has just occurred somewhere in the galaxy, we are doomed
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User Info: NaturalHarmonia

1 week ago#173
thebestestbest posted...

Keep up the message that this product is unacceptable and maybe they'll have to listen. It's already affecting them.

It sadly won't. Look at all the support #ThankYouGameFreak is getting.
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