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User Info: kinggravy

5 days ago#61
Honestly with Fluffy and Cotton Guard, Dubwool is probably better off without the steel typing to give it extra weakness to fire. You'll be shrugging off physical hits anyway, unless it's Fire/Fight.

Appletun will be a huge troll with double berries and recycle/curse/leech seed. Maybe even Belly drum!

Fossils may be the worst looking and most useful this gen with good stats and absorbs. I wonder how multihit attacks that hit the team will work in raids.

Toxitricity really needed an exclusive move. No sound moves will give it STAB, so you're probably looking at a decent hyper voice or boomburst at best. Maybe amped will do something about it's speed at least?

NealIRC posted...
Wow, Coalossal is hands-down my favorite pokemon of Gen 8.

And I can't wait to find out what it's 2nd abilty is, hoping it's Solid Rock so it's 4x weaknesses become 3x.

Coalossal is more powerful than a lot of people think. By having an added Fire type, it loses it's weakness to Grass and Steel. I was hoping it's bst matches that of Rhyperior but ah darn.

Gen 5 had Gigalith (515) Gen 6 had Tyrantrum (521) and now Gen 8 has Coalossal (525).

The big issue with adding Fire type is it's now 4x weak to ground and water. So it's Ability is now halfway useless. A speed increase doesn't help when you're OHKO by a puddle.

Pretty cool looking though.
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Happy with:
Frosmoth (duh)
Rillaboom - the typing is the problem, stats cool tho!

Mostly happy with:
Thievul (actual #1 favourite) - could use more everything, but mainly speed
Hatterene - could use more hp, but it's okay.

Not great:
Polteageist - sigh. Too slow and with 65 hp and probably no reliable recovery that bulk is fake. Good thing its Spa is so fat I guess.

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User Info: thenewcthulhu

5 days ago#63
Wow, that SpAt on Cursola.
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User Info: Luigi player

Luigi player
5 days ago#64
Hm, pretty interesting.

Does anyone know what the red 'X' mean? Do they mean these stats are likely true or wrong?

I really didn't expect this.. I thought it'd be a Diggersby stats wise, with just Cheek Pouch. But if these stats are true then it's pretty good, even if the super low speed irks me.
Huge HP and good atk, def. Coupled with a spdef that isn't terrible.. with a berry this thing will tank stuff, lol. And it can even hit decently hard physically. Though in my mind I saw it using mostly Super Fang to do damage.
I'm hoping the stats are correct and won't be 120, 90, 90, ... that would make it much worse tbh.

Oof. This thing is GOOD! As a sweeper, I mean. Huge attack and speed stats, that'll come in handy. And it even gets Close Combat?! Coupled with Aqua Jet it can even hit someone with priority moves that might hit it too hard. Then again it just being Water type doesn't have it be weak to any, so that's good. And most strong priority move Pokemon didn't make it... Anyway, it really has huge offensive stats. Kinda sad about the hp and defenses, but we take those. Will probably be more useful this way. :) And don't get me started on how it'll be with a Choice Band...

.. wow. Really, REALLY disappointed by its stats. Low defense? Low hp? Aha, it has not terrible speed, good for it. I guess it's getting Shell Smash and that's the reason, but still.. I don't like things just being based on this move AT ALL, so ew.
The other thing is it getting Strog Jaw, which is good for its attack stat. But there aren't too many useful moves for that, so unless there's a new one this thing is very, very underwhelming... without Shell Smash, at least. Meh.

Kinda sad that its atk and spatk are pretty evenly split. That hurts. Its defensive stats are really nice though, even the spdef! And the speed isn't super bad? Huh?!
Still, if it can't hit too hard, it'll be a problem. It's not like it'll take many attacks with that typing. Still annoyed a bit that it looks too much like Rhyperior, but eh..

Hm, I expected it to have great speed and attack. Kinda weird, but I think its stats are mostly guessed (not from battle tower, but mixed in with a lot of EVs and stuff), so it's hard to say how they'll really be. If it's not fast enough it could suck with that typing. but we'll see.

Kinda weird that it doesn't have good defense. I think I'm a little disappointed overall. Very slow and won't be able to take many hits, so it'll probably suck, even with good hp and atk.

Weird. All are slow except Dracovish. So that might turn out to be the best one, but it'll depend on more stuff like moves I guess.
Interesting for sure though, but the slow speed will hurt them, even if they have a good BST.
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(edited 5 days ago)

User Info: Dragn465

5 days ago#65
Dragapult is super speedy guessing you can run jolly or even mixed

User Info: StrongerDoggo

5 days ago#66
not happy with houndoom being gone
not happy with arcanine not being op too
so sucks for you
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Dragn465 posted...
Dragapult is super speedy guessing you can run jolly or even mixed
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User Info: RemixV4

5 days ago#68
Nice to see Corviknight has decent speed for a Steel type.

User Info: AzumarillTho

5 days ago#69
@MissCarriage I am waiting for Mr. Rime stats. He became one of my favorite designs!

User Info: Stooge1969

5 days ago#70
galarian weezing has less stats than regular weezing lol
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