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  3. If the starters don't get Gigantamax then there's something wrong with GF

User Info: Deadinsideman

4 weeks ago#11
Galar posted...
I hope they don't suffer the same fate as Charizard.

I would be totally fine if the starters don't have Gigantamax forms if that's the quality they're going for with their designs.

Charizard's the only good one though

User Info: rocky505

4 weeks ago#12
SaberLily posted...
We already saw giant Sobble.

We saw Dynamax Charizard too and it got a Gigantamax Form. Plus it would be Sobble's final evolution that gets one, not Sobble.
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User Info: SmokyProgg

4 weeks ago#13
arandomaccount posted...
spoiler alert

only Torterra can Gigantamax

kinda lame but after gen 6s blaziken only 3rd gen mega it was obvious.

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User Info: emagdnE

4 weeks ago#14
They made your Kalos starter pretty much pointless by forcing a Mega Evolving Kanto starter on you, that was the first time a set of starters got overshadowed in their own game

Not really. NPCs had the Kanto starters in G/S/C (including Lance with Charizard) but only you, Silver, and Hal ever used the Johto starters.

And you can entirely replace Hal's team and wipe out his starters.
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User Info: GuitaristMatt

4 weeks ago#15
Lol at thinking any starter not named Charizard will get a special form
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  3. If the starters don't get Gigantamax then there's something wrong with GF
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