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User Info: MasterLink2012

4 weeks ago#41
Xephares posted...
Both, in the Steelbook. Along with a limited edition Switch Lite.

I know, I'm an idiot.

So am I then! Getting all of those things as well.. Aside from the steelbook

User Info: Volo

4 weeks ago#42
Sword has Sirfetched but Shield has Larvitar...still not sure

User Info: jim2429

4 weeks ago#43
Wait I may have missed the news about larvitar. So if shield has larvitar, who does sword get?

User Info: Volo

4 weeks ago#44
Sword will have Deino and Jangmo-o while Shield will have Larvitar and Goomy

User Info: arandomaccount

4 weeks ago#45
im still holding out for till i can see a few more version exclusives but if not sword.

User Info: GODteam

4 weeks ago#46

User Info: _Dog_

4 weeks ago#47
@Valkenhyne posted...
_Dog_ posted...
@sean434 posted...

Bummed about Tyranitar being in Shield but that's about it exclusive-wise.

_Dog_ posted...
kumorixLoveless posted...

And yet here you are...

Gotta continue to criticize the game and the arguments of its defenders where they are deserved. Objections?

How's it feel spending your time like this? Surely there's better things you could do?

It's a pleasure. Nothing better than spending my time well. Objections?
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User Info: PkmTrainerAbram

4 weeks ago#48
Pokémon Sword or Shield - Which one are you getting?

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User Info: Andrex_93

4 weeks ago#49
I'm still sort of torn about this: on one hand, I like Zacian and light blue more than Zamazenta and red; on the other, the name is slightly off-kilter on the Sword case, the artwork makes Zacian look wonky (even though both arts are pretty bad) and I like every Shield Exclusive more than its counterpart (even though I would likely prefer to have Hydreigon over Goodra, but those aren't how they are lined up).

While trading makes VEs less of an issue, the Legendary is still just one (for what we know) and I almost surely won't get Nintendo Online, so I'll only be able to trade with friends.. Which are also likely getting all Shield, I'm afraid. My decision will likely ultimately depend on that..

Honestly, while I like this marketing campaign, they should reveal a bit more VEs, if they might not be all the ones between the two games. They should make sure to reveal most VEs pretty early on in general, tbh.

Amazing Ampharos posted...
I'm guessing the cover legendaries won't be legal online, and they'll be the only version exclusives not trivially acquired via gts for other commons.

Yeah, that's what's leading me to weight the Cover Legend more than standard ones, and this is coming from someone who doesn't really care about Legendaries, but still.. I wanna see my preferred doggo during cutscenes and my box.

Then again, I'd also like to see G-Ponyta (even if it's the wrong Type) and Tyranitar, wondering around, when Sirfetch'd is likely never encountered in the wild, given its Evolution method, and I pretty much dislike Kommo-o.

I've never been so torn about this, I don't think... Do I wanna go for the Version that will allow me to have a preferred Legend during important story cutscenes, or the one that will allow me to see preferred mons running around, and technically letting me have an easier time training them in multiple playthroughs? I feel like the answer is obvious, and yet... Hopefully there's one last November trailer that reveals the Middle Stages (not that I actively want them to be revealed, but I have a feeling it will happen) and some other VEs..
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User Info: DeltaSilver88

4 weeks ago#50
I'm getting both, actually. I was originally intending to get Shield (better exclusives imho), but then they revealed the exclusive gym leaders and I immediately got the double pack. As a bookworm, I'm more interested in the story than the gameplay... and since characters are the most important thing in a story, facing both Bea and Allister makes the most sense.

I'm just hoping they'll also have major story differences like in X and Y, rather than the barely present ones in SM and USUM.
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