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User Info: duality48

1 month ago#1
I’m surprised we’re not seeing this question more, as the games release is now less than a month away.

While we do not everything this yet in regards to version exclusives, some of us have already had to decide thanks to pre orders.

I, for one, am choosing Pokémon Sword.
For a couple of reasons: It’s always listed first. When describing the games, ppl always post it as Pokémon Sword AND Shield, which in and of itself implies that Shield will sell less/be less popular.
On top of that, the color of the Sword game seems to be blue as opposed to Shields pink. When considering baby colors, blue is usually associated with boys, while pink is for girls.

So for me, it’s as simple as that.
However, I just hope they don’t come out with upgrades to this already existing formula, like they did with Pokémon Crystal or Ultra Sun/Moon. Because then our original copies would become obsolete and easily replaced with their enhanced versions. Instead, they should either do sequels or just move on to the next generation.

User Info: Iamcorn

1 month ago#2
Really depends on the version exclusives.

They're being really stingy this time around with the reveals. We don't even have starter evos yet.

And the game comes out what, next month?

User Info: duality48

1 month ago#3
I know, right?

Speaking of starters, I wonder if it’ll be possible to have all three in your party at once. Probably only with the help of trading online with a partner. And if so, does anybody want to agree to help me in advance to achieve that? It should be relatively easy in theory. We’d just have to repeatedly make files with a new starter each time, progressing only to a point where you first learn to connect and trade with each other online, and then send away!
It has to be at least achievable, Elsie ally considering their motto is Gotta Catch em All! The only thing is, idk how hard it would actually be to find someone willing to trade away their legendary Zamazenta or Zacian just like that!
Perhaps through the use of Pokémon Home/Go, players will be able to import lots of Pokémon, thus eliminating the need to catch them in game by themselves...

Another feature I’m interested in is that of double and triple battles. This was one of my favorite new feature they implemented a couple of gens back. I know it will be there for Dynamax raid battles online, but I wonder if there will be any trainers/gym battles like that. I really hope so, as it made combat seem more like a standard RPG where we would be controlling a whole party of characters, instead of just one vs one all the time.
If it were up to me, I’d even make it possible to run into multiples of Pokémon even while catching in the wild! Now that would make things a lot more interesting, that’s for sure!

User Info: Xephares

1 month ago#4
Both, in the Steelbook. Along with a limited edition Switch Lite.

I know, I'm an idiot.

User Info: hoenndex

1 month ago#5
Xephares posted...
Both, in the Steelbook. Along with a limited edition Switch Lite.

I know, I'm an idiot.

Why tho.

User Info: duality48

1 month ago#6
Oh nice!

I’m buying from Amazon.
And since I’m a Prime member, I’ll qualify for the $10 in credit.
Thus, the game will only cost me $50 instead of $60.
Which is ideal, seeing as originally I had hoped to use my online game passes to buy it. But I chose to redeem those for Astral Chain and Deamon x Machina.
Little did I know that Nintendo had plans to do away with game passes completely. Which was a total let down cuz I had hoped to use them for many future purchases.
Kudos to anyone who happened to stockpile them!

User Info: Kithran

1 month ago#7
Sword 4 me and i always breed my starter and put up 4 trade to get the other starters so just keep checking and ull see them up there from me.

User Info: kingoffrost4

1 month ago#8
Pokemon shield for larvitar. That and zamazenta.
Emotions are for the weak they said........there goes my sense of fear and caution they said........i'm dead they said........

User Info: Sword_of_Dusk

1 month ago#9
Sword. Zamazenta just looks so odd to me. Plus, Zacian is a wolf who wields a sword.
And then there's my name. I'm a sword guy.
The only time a lawyer can cry is when it's all over.

User Info: kevin804635

1 month ago#10
Shield because I like Zamazenta more than Zacian, I want Tyranitar more than any of the non-Galar Sword exclusives, Alistair's ghost gym excites me more than Bea's fighting, and it's lower popularity means there will be more Sword people out there to trade me a Sirfetch'd (the one thing Sword has that I want. Ponyta is alright, but I REALLY want Sirfetch'd).
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