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  3. Is this a hint that G-Ponyta will have two forms

User Info: SaberLily

4 days ago#1
In the beginning of the trailer we can see gray Ponyta with glowing white mane and tail. I think that this definitely was another form because even in the dark forest she doesnt have this body, tail and mane colours.
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User Info: CardTamer

4 days ago#2
That's just a normal Galar Ponyta. The grey color's just due to the lightning of the forest and Ponyta can make it's main and tail glow in any combination of colors or just one solid color. Look at the end and just before it cuts to the next scene, you'll see it's main an tail stop glowing and go to its normal main and tail colors.
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User Info: GigaMan91

4 days ago#3
They didn't show the tail-less Ponyta at all in this trailer. Really curious about that one.
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User Info: Hauke

4 days ago#4
Maybe just a gender difference?

User Info: gamermasterwiz

4 days ago#5
Umm..there's only 1 form I'm afraid. A minor gender difference is possible though. Highly doubt that this will be another Meowstic scenario..
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  3. Is this a hint that G-Ponyta will have two forms
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