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User Info: MistressPaige

1 week ago#11
Watch them be shiny locked lol
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User Info: Luryinette

1 week ago#12

User Info: Anazel

1 week ago#13
Yes! I plan on hunting for Scorbunny. I'm just hoping there isn't a super long cutscene like in Sun/Moon.

User Info: Matelite

1 week ago#14
I'll wait and use the Masuda method if I do want one... But that depends on what colors they are.

Didn't it take like 45 minutes to get a starter in Sun/Moon? Resetting for that must've been tough.
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User Info: Galar

1 week ago#15
Nah, I usually prefer to play with the original colors if it's my first time time using a Pokemon anyway.
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