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User Info: Persona5

6 days ago#51
Skozi posted...
this is horses***

LOL I see what you did there

User Info: ChibiDragon

6 days ago#52
Personally, I hope it evolves into...


Not "Galarian Rapidash". Just... Rapidash. The outrage, hurt, and confusion would be just wonderful. With that said, it would still have access to different moves from what it learns as a Ponyta, so there WOULD be a point to it (if the moves are good enough).
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User Info: VIIVincent

6 days ago#53
Called it
Psychic/Fairy for Rapidash... Don't fail me now lol
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User Info: AeroFlash15

6 days ago#54
Nah, the Psychic type makes sense, but I'd rather it not become Psychic/Fairy. Psychic/Flying or Psychic/Fighting sounds more interesting, depending on what design they go for with Rapidash.

I'm otherwise not too invested in it after its reveal as a Psychic type. And since we're running with the purifying poison theme, why would it suddenly gain a weakness to it in its evolved form? It could've gone either way, but it shouldn't be both.

I'm keen on the Psychic/Water typing someone mentioned earlier. But I also wouldn't surprised if it stayed mono Psychic.
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User Info: WiiareVenom

6 days ago#55
I knew at least one GALARIAN form had to be psychic type....
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