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User Info: paipr

1 week ago#11
Most are actually saying that color is more the Psychic coloring that Fairy.

Which is a valid point Fairy type is more of a pastel pink.
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User Info: AlfredoJones

1 week ago#12
I’m more excited for the fact that it is Shield exclusive, since that’s my version of choice.
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User Info: Dumb-Fumbler

1 week ago#13
inb4 Fairy/ Psychic
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User Info: Kid_Crystal

1 week ago#14
No, It's Psychic unfortunately :(
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User Info: RayThrust

1 week ago#15
For everyone that wants both Sword and Ponyta, just trade it?
Let’s Go players seemed to manage just fine.
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Always thought it would be Fairy, but the box colour kind of resembles Psychic imo.

User Info: Boreale

1 week ago#16
Well, I wanted Sword but since Galarian Ponyta is Shield exclusive, then Shield it is I guess

User Info: TristranThorn

1 week ago#17
This topic title is incredibly misleading. Serebii himself has declined to confirm Galarian Ponyta’s type, because the image from Famitsu just isn’t clear. Not only is the color choice debatable, the text is far too blurry.

I’ll refer everyone to this tweet, which summarizes things nicely: https://mobile.twitter.com/kaialone02/status/1181881039377063936

In Japanese, Fairy is called フェアリー and Psychic is called エスパー

Well, you tell me which this resembles more (you cannot)

(**Double-checked on Bulbapedia: this Twitter user has their Japanese correct.)

User Info: c0mpu73rguy

1 week ago#18
Shield exclusive? Shoot!
It's always too soon until it's too late.

User Info: Xaessya

1 week ago#19
They also confirmed 18 gyms, they're not a reliable source :v

It's a nice exclusive for shield since sword is getting their leek knight, which is why I'm glad I was getting that version.

User Info: BrightStar7

1 week ago#20
You can't tell from the characters but thats the hard pink of the Psychic type, unless the image is really saturated. Fairy is a soft pastel pink.
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