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User Info: Dumb-Fumbler

5 days ago#11
Don’t care, as long as it doesn’t look like a Fighter.

I would have liked incineroar if it didn’t look like a fighter,

And I don’t really mind Emboar because it’s not meant to look like a fighter, but an Eastern Warlord.

However, it being bipedal rather than quadrupedal and taking away from the flaming Wild Boar a bit made me like it less. I forgot who showed me an image, but it was a mega eboar on 4s. Remove the cape thing or change it and I would have vastly preferred that over the current on 2s.

Imo, it’s better, but remove the cape and/ or change it and it would’ve been way better than what we have now:


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User Info: Zalitogf

5 days ago#12
it will be just fire... which is ok because I am tired of fire fighting (love combusken but hate infernape)
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User Info: Crudelitas

5 days ago#13
I really hope it's Fire/Ground.
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User Info: Oddrat

5 days ago#14
Anything but Fire/Fighting. We already have enough of those.
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User Info: calibek

5 days ago#15
I would like fire/fairy. We don't have that type combo yet, it may actually open up a chance to get a physical fairy type move other than play rough, and I think it would fit with the theme of the game plus give us another physical fairy type since most fairy types are more defensive or special attackers.

Barring that fire/electric would work nicely as well.

Just please not fire/fighting again. I don't know why they have this fetish with making all the fire starters from gen 3 on look all angry and constipated.

User Info: kevin804635

5 days ago#16
I know how boring this is, but I'm fully expecting full fire.

User Info: Andrex_93

5 days ago#17
I'd like for it to be the Type that fits the design the most; for now, that seems to be Fighting, to me, but we'll see. I know I'll be disappointed if it looks like a /Fighting Type and they didn't make it so just because of wanting to avoid the trend: if you don't want a Fire/Fighting Type, just avoid to design a mon like one, dammit!

jayman7 posted...
I don't recall that part of the leak. Grass/Rock with pure Fire doesn't make much sense anyway - Grass/Rock isn't weak to Fire, and in fact has an advantage against it.

Indeed; thinking about it, even though I'm not sure how possible Grass/Rock is (but it might be, even if just for the pun-music theme), I want it to be pure Fire even less, now, as /Fighting would still keep its super-effectiveness Vs the Grookey line.

Having said that..
Ironman814 posted...
jayman7 posted...
Grass/Rock with pure Fire doesn't make much sense anyway - Grass/Rock isn't weak to Fire, and in fact has an advantage against it.

A few of the mega starters (Venusaur, Charizard X, Sceptile) lose their weakness too. I feel like the whole weakness triangle was only added in the first place to add some challenge for the rival battles early on. Later in the game it starts to matter less since by then you've probably got guys that can counter their starter anyway.

I'm not saying that I think that they will end up being Grass/Rock and pure Fire, but I think that there is a chance that something like this happens, and if not this gen then maybe the next one. Pokémon is a franchise with a ton of unspoken rules that people say can never be broken, yet whenever a new generation rolls around some of them are always are.

This is pretty much also true: I do think they tend to keep the effectiveness throughout and it's better when they do, but I also think and hope they wouldn't go out of their way to maintain that via giving unfitting Typings to the designs.
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User Info: aegis99driver

5 days ago#18
None of the above: Steel

User Info: Warmenx

5 days ago#19
Well there might be hope. That leak was wrong about 1 thing, it said Galarian Ponyta would be Fairy, well it is actually Psychic. So there may still be hope for Scorbunny.
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A fast offensive fire/ground has so much potential so I want that, fire/electric would be cool too.
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