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  3. What are you naming your Galarian Ponyta?

User Info: Oogam920

1 month ago#101
I’ll be naming it “ponyta”

User Info: Firemaster5

1 month ago#102
Oogam920 posted...
I’ll be naming it “ponyta”

In all caps
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User Info: RaynerDvorah

1 month ago#103
Just ponyta, very rarely do I give Pokémon nicknames

User Info: KefkaPalazzo

1 month ago#104
NeoArashi posted...
KefkaPalazzo posted...
Depends on how subtle the MLP thing is. I might just name it "NOT PinkiePie" or something.

given the color scheme of G-Ponyta and the fact that it has a horn, wouldn’t “NOT Rarity” make more sence? Rarity is a Unicorn pony and out of the “Mane six” is the one who ressembles G-Ponyta the most.

God, haven’t watched MLP:FiM since early 2013, and I still pull out stuff like that. I thought my brony days were over XD

Honestly, I've never seen MLP. I just know that's a character's name.
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User Info: aegis99driver

4 weeks ago#105

User Info: s_dubs

4 weeks ago#106
Ponyta. I don't do nicknames.
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