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User Info: sonictrainer

1 week ago#1
What is Galarian Ponyta's type?

We'll talk about Rainbowdash later.
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User Info: PK_Spam

1 week ago#2
Light type

User Info: GiddtheDevil

1 week ago#3
Seeing as its mane looks like clouds to me, I'm leaning towards pure flying type. I'm probably wrong though and it'll be water/something for reasons.
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User Info: Markmallow

1 week ago#4
I really feel like it’s going to be Fairy/Electric. The evo will probably be similar to the Ixion horse from Final Fantasy. It has fur similar to this and glows when using electricity.
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User Info: JackApostrophe

1 week ago#5
I assume Fairy will be in there somewhere.


1 week ago#6
I thought it was obvious?

Plain old fairy. If not, normal/fairy.

They took the fire out and replaced it with cotton candy. Why tf would it still be fire? The fire is gone!
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User Info: Andrex_93

1 week ago#7
Fairy. I don't think it will be /Fire at all.
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User Info: Sammuthegreat

1 week ago#8
Ponyta pure Fairy
Rapidash Fairy/Ghost or Fairy/Flying

User Info: rosacea

1 week ago#9
Looking at the Ponyta I would assume Fairy/Fire or just Fairy.
Hoping that Rapidash becomes a pegasus I'm gonna say my ideal would be Fairy/Flying or Fairy/Fire.
Also either way a pegasus Rapidash should have Aerilate.
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User Info: Loudxmouth

1 week ago#10
Why does everyone assume every Pokemon is a dual type? I think it will be pure Fairy. There is nothing in the design that would make us think it is a Fire type...

There were plenty of Alolan forms that ditched their old type.
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