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  3. Would you be opposed to DLC Pokémon costumes?

User Info: Yasukima

2 weeks ago#11
These aren't costumes-- these are different forms.

Costumes I don't know, but forms? No.
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User Info: Baha05

2 weeks ago#12
Yeah most likely just on the notion that:

A. Most likely will not transfer

B. Will most likely also just rot kind of like Notch Pichu, Cosplay Pikachu, all these f***ing hat Pikachus in Go along with the other variants
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User Info: lolak

2 weeks ago#13
Yes because the only dlc should be National Dex.

User Info: Sundercles

2 weeks ago#14
It’s already not worth $60, so why would I give them MORE money for cosmetics?
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User Info: Moongeist

2 weeks ago#15
Some could be fun but I doubt I'd like the selection
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User Info: zelos736

2 weeks ago#16
Depends on the cost I guess. I'm not opposed, but at best I'd only buy costumes for my favorite team of 6. After that, you've lost me and I likely would not purchase more.

User Info: Plasmas

2 weeks ago#17
Any dlc that isn't addressing the cut pokemon issue is a direct insult (they specifically said they didn't want to do dlc, when asked about adding pokemon back thatway)
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User Info: AjidoMarujido

2 weeks ago#18
The issue with DLC, is that they'd have to explain why they were so adamant about not being able to add all the pokémon, but all of the sudden they figured out a way to add in funny outfit duplicates of existing pokémon.

The idea of fun aesthetic DLC is fine, imo. I just don't think there's any way that GF can do it without looking bad.
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User Info: Lord_Mudkip

6 days ago#19
i love trubishes costume
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User Info: MrFuzz111

6 days ago#20
Yes, because unless they’re just recolored textures on the same model (which those clearly wouldn’t be) that’s time they could spend getting working models patched in for the rest of the Pokémon.
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