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User Info: ninjamanatee

4 weeks ago#1
What's the story behind your favorite Pokemon? In other words, what was the thing that caused you to think, "wow, this Pokemon is my Pokemon"?

Just curious what led you guys to identify with one specific Pokemon out of the hundreds of Pokemon out there.
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User Info: LuigiRok

4 weeks ago#2
Diglett's my favorite, I don't know why. I remember playing Pokemon Red and grinding a Dugtrio all the way to Level 100 by fighting the Elite Four repeatedly. After a certain point, I think Dugtrio could solo the entire group.

User Info: Desparae

4 weeks ago#3
Greninja because I like both A) cool designs and B) fast, offensive pokemon that are decent competitively. Greninja has perhaps one of the coolest designs in the entire series, and is crazy good offensively with Protean and a high speed tier. Not to mention it gets access to all the right moves for an ingame playthrough, and is a starter so you have it the whole game.

Battle bond is kinda cool I guess, but also kind of silly and it was my favorite well before that ability came out.

User Info: soothsayer

4 weeks ago#4
First time I saw scrafty's line in the leaks, I thought, wow dark/fighting? Cool typing. Then I saw the dude's drawings of the leak and thought scraggy looked moronic. I didn't get it. Then scrafty leaked and it was even worse. I thought, man what a garbage pokemon.

Then its design finally made sense to me reading its dex info. They were street hoodlums, hence the sagging pants, typing, dex behavior and such. I thought they looked a bit silly for thugs but then I realized they're probably styled after graffiti art hence their cartoonish aeshtetic. They were able to combine this with a lizard that sheds its skin and at that point I realized just how creative pokemon designers were. Such an absud premise, but it works and once I actually used him and realized how much fun he was, scrafty became one of my favorite pokemon. It embodies a few things about the series, from its urban fantasy setting, to the amount of creativity put behind each monster, to how its behvaior reflect its typing, and how pokemon are so much more than just what you see on the surface.

User Info: kinabalu

4 weeks ago#5

I think it was partly because I have such fond memories of gen 4 games, but i loved my infernape! I liked that I could nickname him Goku and it fit. Also, fire/fighting was my favorite typing before emboar ruined it by doing it again... still a good look on infernape tho. I like the name infernape. I grew a soft spot after watching how Paul abused his Chimchar in the anime. I also like how strong and fast infernape is. I wish gamefreak treated it better :(

I'm also REALLY eagerly awaiting gen 4 remakes so i can finally choose chimchar as my starter again :) so i will be very sad if it doesnt happen lol
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User Info: DarkKirby2500

4 weeks ago#6
I had nobody to trade with in Sapphire to get an Alakazam, so I got Gardevoir as a replacement since my favorite type is Psychic.

But after going through the game with Gardevoir, it become my favorite Pokemon. I felt like I bonded with it over the journey.

Whenever I play a Pokemon game now, I have a Ralts, and use it as my starter if possible and pretend it's the same Gardevoir that's always been with me.
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User Info: tyman6876

4 weeks ago#7
Digital duck is nice, but what if it got a version 2.0
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User Info: jamontoast11347

4 weeks ago#8
I used to watch 4ever all the time as a kid so a lot of the pokemon in that movie became some of my favorites. Celebi, suicune, houndour being the main ones.
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User Info: Moongeist

4 weeks ago#9
I like bats and Noibat is a great bat
There are other designs that I think are really neat and cleverer and wasn't sure what I would consider my "favorite" until considering what one Pokemon I'd want as my partner like in detective Pikachu, and that's Noibat, so I think that counts as my favorite
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User Info: silverden75

4 weeks ago#10
eevee. i didnt always use him but i absolutly love him and his eeveelutions.
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