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User Info: Dumb-Fumbler

1 month ago#1
Of these carefully selected Gen 1 Pokémon, which one would you prefer get a regional variant and/ or evolution? - Results (86 votes)
Spearow Line
8.14% (7 votes)
Krabby Line
13.95% (12 votes)
Horsea Line
9.3% (8 votes)
Caterpie Line
3.49% (3 votes)
Doduo Line
6.98% (6 votes)
Ponyta Line
23.26% (20 votes)
Voltorb Line
2.33% (2 votes)
Dewgong Line
13.95% (12 votes)
Rhyhorn Line
8.14% (7 votes)
I don't want any gen 1 Pokémon to receive more or acquire regional variants.
10.47% (9 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Decided to do this over a couple of weeks whenever I have time.

Regardless if they have a cross gen evolution already.

Next week: Gen 2
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User Info: _Super_Shadow_

1 month ago#2
not really fan of any gen 1 pokemon receiving them, but out of the ones listed, horsea interests me most.
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User Info: Moongeist

1 month ago#3
Wow none of those
Out of those I guess the Ponyta line
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User Info: Hbthebattle

1 month ago#4
Ponyta or Doduo
But the Pokemon I want to get an evolution most is Dunsparce- if Farfetch'd is finally getting one, there's no reason Dunsparce shouldn't as well.

User Info: Loudxmouth

1 month ago#5
Tough choice.. Dewgong, Fearow, and Electrode all deserve some love.
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User Info: SmashingBros

1 month ago#6
Krabby hands down. The Kingler line is among the most forgettable/generic Gen one Pokemon to me. It's not that I dislike them at all, but we've had so many crustaceans now and they all manage to stand out more than them.

Arbok is my second choice for Gen one. If Weezing's getting one, might as well do the other horribly outclassed Poison type from Kanto.
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User Info: DrRM

1 month ago#7
Cant wait for galar safari ball Voltorb
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User Info: Axews

1 month ago#8
Dewgong please.
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User Info: Desparae

1 month ago#9
Horsea line is f***ing awesome, and it would be cool to see what they come up design-wise for them. I would think something like a black/purple theme, and a poison typing (poison/dragon for kingdra) to emphasize it being more toxic than the original form. The only thing is that competitively, kingdra is mostly good because of its water typing + swift swim, so the variant would probably be worse overall unless it got an amazing ability.

As for the best potential competitive improvement, I think I would go with either Rapidash or Dewgong. Both of them are just worse versions of other pokemon with the same types and similar stat spreads, so they could use some change to fill a niche. (I leave out Fearow because we don’t need more generic birds.)

I lean toward Rapidash, because I don’t see any way to make Dewgong usable without a complete overhaul. With Rapidash, just put some of its SpA to its Attack and give it a good secondary attack typing. Fire/Fairy or Fire/Ghost would fit the best without doing a drastic design change. Fire/Ground or Fire/Rock would also give it a unique niche, as most physical rock and ground attackers are slow to make up for the amazing coverage.

User Info: zumaddy

1 month ago#10
Spearow always get shafted for Pidgeot, it's about time they got their own thing. Fearow could look really sick with alternate types
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