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User Info: Crudelitas

2 months ago#41
Dragonage2ftw posted...
Crudelitas posted...
I think, they completely f***ed up that character.

They established her, gave her interesting dynamics with the rest of the cast and, instead of exploring or resolving her, they just axed her off to set up some s***ty twist.

Honestly, f*** that shows ending.

But, Steven Universe is getting another season.

I know, but what's left to do? The whole show was about protecting the earth from homeworld.

Did they ever get the people out of that f***ing zoo?

Moongeist posted...
It's not even anywhere near the worst thing anyone's been forgiven for on that show.

Remember when Ronaldo tried to literally murder Lars on screen, to save his own skin?
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User Info: PkmTrainerAbram

2 months ago#42
0sinium posted...
V0ltage007 posted...
Gotta agree, the end of the whole diamond authority storyline felt like a huge rush job.
imagine being an all powerful ruler of a interstellar civilization who's whole character revolves around believing you are perfect and then changing your whole point of veiw when one kid makes fun of you.

She tried to kill him after Steven went Super Saiyian and couldn't even damage him. Yeah, it was just because he made fun of her and not just the damage to her ego that she became powerless physically at that point..😒
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User Info: Zeon

2 months ago#43
Youre just mad cause youre single~

love how many missed the joke lol
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User Info: GuitaristMatt

2 months ago#44
Lazy tactic when they could have just buffed old Pokemon
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User Info: smitacus

2 months ago#45
Isn't dynamxing just mega evolution for all pokemon?

User Info: TigerTycoon

2 months ago#46
Except that it makes most Pokemon stronger an equal amount so already strong Pokemon benefit more from it.

User Info: Wynvkius

2 months ago#47
I don’t think it’s any dumber than mega evolutions or z moves

User Info: DeathByePizza

2 months ago#48
You mean like Mega?
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User Info: CrescentKnight

2 months ago#49
Dynamaxing/ Gigantamaxing actually makes your Pokemon into a three turn guaranteed nuke that can't be stopped by anything other than another Dynamax/ Gigantamax'ed Pokemon thus it's even worse than Z-Moves and Megas.
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User Info: mehmeh1

2 months ago#50
FaustXII posted...
tyman6876 posted...
and that ugly cal arts style

I agree...

one of the things that keeps me from watching it... or... most (all, really) modern cartoons for that matter

The issue is overblown tbh, some cartoons may look similar, but at worst it's just the head and eye shapes.
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