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  3. How much longer do you think the series will last?

User Info: MalkyeaImbak

1 week ago#11
At worst Pokémon will be rebooted. (After they use all the zodiac fire starters har har) This Series won’t die in my lifetime at least.
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User Info: kevin804635

1 week ago#12
Voted "never ends" but realistically until it stops making money. That's true of anything. That's the only way that those horrid horror movie franchises with 6 trillion entries end. Eventually they peter out and the studios will give them a rest. But it'll take a while for that to happen.

Then we'll hit a reboot a decade or so later.

User Info: ShadowZangoose

1 week ago#13
Is it likely that another company would buy Pokémon if Gamefreak (or... whatever company does currently own it) somehow do run out of money?

I wonder
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User Info: ChibiDragon

1 week ago#14
Part of the reason Pokemon will be around for ages is because it's a game built around replacing the main stuff from previous games. Replace the Pokemon. Replace the characters. Replace the region/map. Add or subtract features however they think works best. Even some of the basic mechanics can be messed with, as Let's Go showed us (poorly).

Imagine a Pokemon game where you play as the standard main character's mom. You realize they've gone off and forgotten something you think is important, so you go to catch up to them at the Professor's. Too late, but the Professor gives you the third Pokemon so you can go into the grass and catch up to them on the early routes. But you're always a bit behind them, always chasing after them from route to gym to cave to gym.

Along the way, you encounter other people, young and old, that could use a hand. A young trainer crying because they can't get the hang of cooking at a campsite without someone to give them some pointers. A hiker with an injured foot. Maybe a young Pokemon that was thrown away by a carless trainer and needs someone to care for it. You deal with it all as you keep chasing your kid.

You finally catch up to them in the Champion's room, where they've just been soundly defeated. Well, that won't do at all! So, you square up, and it's on. And once you become Champion, you finally hand the kid his forgotten item.

Would that be a Pokemon game? Yes, it would be. But would it be the same old same old? No, it wouldn't be. And that's why Pokemon will last a long time. It may not last in GameFreak's hands, but it will last because they can change a lot of it, and still make it a Pokemon game.
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User Info: Crudelitas

1 week ago#15
Zeta777 posted...
I give them 6 years max

I seriously doubt that timeframe. Their pkmn games consistently have sales in the seven figures, unless they're slightly improved rereleases.
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User Info: jw91

1 week ago#16
Big LOL at the two sad clowns who voted "Gen 8 will kill the series."

User Info: MewistloveMew

1 week ago#17
ShadowZangoose posted...
Is it likely that another company would buy Pokémon if Gamefreak (or... whatever company does currently own it) somehow do run out of money?

I wonder

Nah. That won't happen.
different video games developers should continue to make Pokémon spinoff games instead of trying to make core-series Pokémon games.

I love the different concepts such as Pokémon Mystery Dungeon series, Pokémon Go, Pokémon Masters and etc.

They are all spinoff games created by different game developers.
It should always stay that way instead them toughing core-series of Pokémon.

I'll like to see Rockstar create a Pokémon spinoff games for Pokémon Franchise.

Pokémon sword and shield are looking good.
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User Info: Hbthebattle

1 week ago#18
Pokémon’s mainseries isn’t dying anytime soon because both GF Andre Nintendo have vested interests to keep making mainline games.

User Info: c0mpu73rguy

1 week ago#19
To me if it survives gen 8, it'll survive for at least 3 or 4 more gens. But I don't think it will.
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User Info: firedoom666

1 week ago#20
There is no way this gen would end the series. Even in the unlikely chance the game sells terribly, Gamefreak would still make another gen to fix their mistakes.

It is hard to predict how long the series will last, but there is definitely another 8 years of Pokemon
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