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  3. How much longer do you think the series will last?

User Info: ShadowZangoose

1 month ago#1
look to the future - Results (213 votes)
Gen 8 will kill the series.
7.04% (15 votes)
Maybe one or two more gens.
9.86% (21 votes)
Perhaps three or more gens. But it can't last forever.
10.33% (22 votes)
Pokémon games can never die. Even a hundred years in the future there will be new games made.
57.28% (122 votes)
"Gen 12 will end it, because they run out of zodiac animals eks dee"
15.49% (33 votes)
This poll is now closed.

I couldn't think of any more options, sorry.
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User Info: Splatdude431

1 month ago#2
Option four. It's the most obvious answer.
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User Info: Sammuthegreat

1 month ago#3
The only answer you didn't put there is the correct one. The games will keep coming as long as they keep making money.

Gen 8 won't be the one that kills the golden goose, not a chance

User Info: KurisuFenris

1 month ago#4
Well, Sonic is still alive and kicking after all his disasters so we probably got a dozen or so gens to go yet.

User Info: Crudelitas

1 month ago#5
Hard to tell. The console/handheld rpgs might die off at some point, but they will just release some other media format to churn out more merch.

I think they start losing the copyrights for the gen1 pkmn in 2091. The likes of Pikachu and Charizard will be free to use for everyone, like Santa Claus. That might get interesting ... assuming the franchise stays relevant that long.
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User Info: Leon481

1 month ago#6
Main series, Gen 8 could kill it, but unlikely. The franchise will go on for years though.

User Info: Dumb-Fumbler

1 month ago#7
Until it stops making money and gets usurped.

But, I do think the mobile side could contribute more to the demise.
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User Info: finalrush7

1 month ago#8
It will most likely outlive us all but it's a unique franchise and I don't know how it will continue. They can't keep making new Pokemon (not games, monsters) forever.
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User Info: Zeta777

1 month ago#9
GameFreak's version of the series is clearly on its last legs, but the merchandise and anime will go on long after GameFreak is a dead skeleton crew (I give them 6 years max) that just profits off the license to a few executives.

User Info: roboemperor

1 month ago#10
just like there is an endless stream of never ending cliche battle shonen anime screaming power of friendship, pokemon will never die. Because there is an infinite demand for virtual battle pet raising games for children and pokemon does it best.

The only way pokemon dies is if something like digimon comes out except much, much better than pokemon and replaces it.
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