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  3. This has been the lamest "hype" cycle for a new Pokemon generation.

User Info: Dragonage2ftw

6 days ago#61
xF0x posted...
Game Freak started the development for 3DS and then Nintendo came along with the Switch and said "Nope, move it over to this".



pichuscute posted...
Smogoon posted...
nobody is legitimately hyped for the games. plus there is nothing for nintendo to promote since this game has zero content which results in a giant snoozefest.


I've seen way more people hyped for this game than not.

Anywho. Proof there's no content?


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User Info: Dumb-Fumbler

6 days ago#62
Dragonage2ftw posted...
I've seen way more people hyped for this game than not.

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E3 was really disapointing with only two new boring Pokemon, but the trailer before was really cool, and Obstagoon is awesome!!
Dumb-Fumbler posted...
chaos_controlr posted...
Is it confirmed this started as a 3DS game... surely they weren't dumb enough to try and push another gen out on the by then dated system...
If this is any help:

Pokemon.com: What did you learn about Nintendo Switch development during Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! that you used during development of Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield?
Ohmori: Well, Pokémon: Let's Go, Pikachu! and Pokémon: Let's Go, Eevee! were our first full Pokémon game projects that we developed on the Nintendo Switch, and it was almost sort of a research project for us to learn how to develop on that system. We did learn a lot that we were able to use. From a programming perspective, we were able to use a very similar code base when we were working on Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield.

Without having made those games, we probably wouldn't have been able to deliver Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Shield at this time. There were different teams working on those different games, but we were able to use a lot of what we learned.

If anything that tells me that development for this game has been disappointingly short but nothing about it starting as a 3DS title.
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User Info: Robot99

6 days ago#65
xF0x posted...
Also, whoever was responsible for demanding a faster turnaround of generations is to blame as well. If the last 2-3 gens lasted as long G4 and G3 did Game Freak would have been on the right pace to start G8 straight on the Switch.

I'm hyped for gen 8, but I do have to agree with this. Each gen seems to have come at a faster rate than the previous ones. I recall being surprised at gen 7's announcement, felt much too early.

I could blame the now-annual releases (Pokémon was never a holiday title before gen 6, I'm not sure why they're insisting on that nowadays), but I think it's the worldwide release trend they started with gen 6 that's forcing them to have everything align in a certain way.

I totally wouldn't mind if they started spending as much time on each gen as they used to.
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User Info: zumaddy

6 days ago#66
Agreed, Sun/Moon was really fun pre-release. Unfortunately the cut features loom over every announcement
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It's actually because this is Ultra Sun 2 and Ultra Moon 2, so the only hype possible this game could get was already gotten by the release of Gen 7.

Had they released just filler games since X and Y (like Z, for instance) I'm pretty sure we wouldn't even care about Pokémon being cut. It would be shocking, really, but I guess we would be all over "THEEZ AMAZING NEW GRAPHICS AND OPEN WORLD AND REGIONAL FORMS EVOLUTIONS".

The whole problem with Sword and Shield is that we have all seen it before. Even the evil teams are mostly the same.
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User Info: Thr33Stocked

6 days ago#68
MaKoTiS_MoN posted...
Seems like there's hardly anything to promote, honestly.

If they haven't shown a ton of info and new things a few months before release...probs means the game won't have as much as many had hoped.

I’d like to be hopeful and say that maybe they don’t want to release a lot of stuff and leave things better as a surprise?

Imagine if Primal Groundon and Kyogre would’ve been left as a surprise. It would’ve created a massive amount of hype.

But then again... You’re probably right.
BrightStar7 posted...
They revealed less than gen 5.

That's not true.
You are just conflating the leaks with the info reveals.

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PkmTrainerAbram posted...
Holy f***, a hype downer killed the hype which no one denied. More at 11.

The implication made in the OP and being discussed through the topic is that the supposed lack of news is to blame.
But sure. Be a smartass lol.
"Sony's not a Japanese company anymore just America's dog."
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