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  3. These 10 Pokémon Are Not Yet Confirmed in Galar. You Can Only Choose One.

User Info: SilphSpectre

1 week ago#1
If only one of these Pokémon could make the Galar Dex, which would you choose?

Call it sadistic, but these are the types of games we're bound to play more and more as release approaches.
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User Info: Moongeist

1 week ago#2
Oh that was easy, Skarmory
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User Info: Hbthebattle

1 week ago#3

User Info: paipr

1 week ago#4
Exploud is one of my favorites so he gets my vote.
Gen8 challenge. Ill use Electric/Fighting, Rock/Ghost, or Bug/Ice.
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User Info: Axews

1 week ago#5
Moongeist posted...
Oh that was easy, Skarmory
Hella strange.

User Info: cadcrafter

1 week ago#6

And yes, that was an incredibly biased one second decision
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i want lemm to eat ten egg

User Info: GoldRathalos

1 week ago#7
Although I love Nidoking,I choosed the more menacing Aggron
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sorry Aggron, as much i love you for how badass you look, you're not the greatest competitive pokemon, especially not without your mega
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User Info: AlfredoJones

6 days ago#9
No love for Altaria? Well if I had to pick one it would probably be a tie between Alakazam and Heracross since they are the ones I’m most familiar with.
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Hbthebattle posted...

Pokemon Mystery Dungeon is one of if not the best spin off to a franchise ever!
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  3. These 10 Pokémon Are Not Yet Confirmed in Galar. You Can Only Choose One.
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