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The fire/ fighting one, especially since I find the buthurt over fire/ fighting starters amusing.

User Info: Rydershigh

4 weeks ago#32
Bye bye online, no longer will we rely on your bland interface and boring backgrounds and samey teams of legendaries or VGC drop outs for post game, it’ll be just like Gen 3 where they actually added content in the end
OU for NU

User Info: Crudelitas

4 weeks ago#33
I'd be fine with Fire/Fighting rabbit or handheld mode only or both even.
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User Info: trevor93

3 weeks ago#34
Scew the switch light i dont have one im not geting one evan if i had choice to trader my switch for a switch light id still say no . playt hand held the weight and shape of the switch undocked hurt my hands so docked only is fine =)
Physical special split would be a fun one, although I would prefer something like "REMOVAL OF FAIRY TYPE FOREVER."

User Info: The_Undying_84

2 weeks ago#36
I never do and never will play Switch outside the dock anyways.

Being able to play on an actual TV screen is literally the only appealing thing about this game at this point.
(edited 2 weeks ago)
I'm not paying for Nintendos Online scam service, so the choice was easy enough for me lol.
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User Info: Rorrrr

2 weeks ago#38
f*** that stupid rabbit
Sans Earthbound, Ness Undertale, Geno Earthbound, Hatred Mario, Nightmario Luigi.
Ebic style, it's gamer time. Anyway I choose E. Despacito Spider.

User Info: kamilohbk

2 weeks ago#39
>Game can only be played docked, incompatible with Switch Lite

I can see the s***storm already
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User Info: Sopheroo

2 weeks ago#40
Game can only be played handheld for me. :) I don't play docked.
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