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User Info: BalloonBattle05

1 month ago#1
However, this comes at a cost. What do you pick? - Results (409 votes)
Cannot transfer any Pokemon from previous gens
9.05% (37 votes)
No physical special split
1.47% (6 votes)
No local multiplayer
9.54% (39 votes)
No online play
7.58% (31 votes)
Game can only be played docked, incompatible with Switch Lite
5.38% (22 votes)
Game can only be played in portable mode, incompatible with gc controller adapters
4.89% (20 votes)
Scorbunny becomes fire fighting once it evolves
57.46% (235 votes)
All these sound horrible. No national dex
4.65% (19 votes)
This poll is now closed.
Scorbunny would follow the footsteps of Torchic, Chimchar and Tepig. Fire fighting in second and third stage with a higher attack stat than special
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User Info: MegaSableye

1 month ago#2
Bye local multiplayer. I just play online. Scorbunny physical stat is already higher than it sp atk lol.
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User Info: tyman6876

1 month ago#3
Obviously the Scorbunny one. It's just 1 Mon, not an entire feature
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User Info: Twinklestar

1 month ago#4
Scorbunny becoming Fire/Fighting is easily the option that hurts the least, especially for many people. So I pick that option.

User Info: Moongeist

1 month ago#5
Oh that wasn't too hard
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User Info: Plasmas

1 month ago#6
Scorbunny, I don't care for its design currently anyway
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User Info: Lord_Zenki

1 month ago#7
Scorbunny's final evo is already Fire/Fighting
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User Info: trashketchup10

1 month ago#8
voted the 1st option just because I can

User Info: Super_Broly93

1 month ago#9
tyman6876 posted...
Obviously the Scorbunny one. It's just 1 Mon, not an entire feature
This!! Hell I wouldn't even care if the next one was fire/fighting. Just as long as the Nat dex is included


User Info: Lucario39

1 month ago#10
I mean, I specialize in fighting-types, and Scorbunny is basically the only Galar Pokémon I even remotely like, so it's not really a cost, but...
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