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User Info: LouisCyphre6

1 week ago#1
Best design?

And the last of the regional E4 series, because we haven't got s*** about SwSh's E4 yet outside of Leon.
But I'm going to make another poll about best gym leader design with the winners of each region, then follow up with an E4 poll when I have enough votes.

User Info: GenericGuy

1 week ago#2
Nanu the lad.
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User Info: FuzzyKiwi02

1 week ago#3

She's a Flying expert. She plays golf. How'd this combo not happen yet, it's genius.
Also helps that I really like flying types and play golf myself. Her personality and her design are great overall too.
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User Info: Endgame

1 week ago#4

He's got the same expression I had for most of Lillie's mommy issues bulls***~.
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User Info: DeltaSilver88

4 days ago#5
Definitely Nanu. He just looks so delightfully snarky whenever he smiles.
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User Info: trashketchup10

4 days ago#6
How can you make a thread like this WITHOUT PICS??









btw I vote Hapu, very entertaining character and she has Georgias voice, another entertaining character.

User Info: emagdnE

4 days ago#7
How can you make a thread like this WITHOUT PICS??

The part where half of the female options are little girls might have something to do with it.....
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User Info: wind64a

4 days ago#8
I probably should disable the auto display function. People tend to post large quantities of over-sized pictures, and it's a pain dealing with more than a couple batches.
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User Info: ExtaticGamer

4 days ago#9
Nanu the edgeman
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User Info: kinabalu

4 days ago#10
Lol when my top two choices were the two least popular...
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