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User Info: DeltaSilver88

4 days ago#21
Easily Cynthia since she's the most difficult Champion to beat (not to mention she looks cool). She's honestly Ghetsis level difficult in battle (Hydreigon made me curse the latter to the lowest level of hell in BW).
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Dumb-Fumbler posted...
Endgame posted...

More climatic. More antagonistic. More personal. Starters and Champion are where Gen 1 really does win out.
He loses to you after about twenty minutes of ascending the thrown and you consider him to be the best.


Your nostalgia goggles are on too tight.

To be fair, all the champions lose within about 5 minutes after you enter the room, so.

User Info: snae99

4 days ago#23
Blue is still my favorite by far. Only other one I really like is Steven.
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User Info: Leon481

4 days ago#25
For story purposes, Blue. The reason being, you see his progression throughout the game. You see him change up his team regularly, evolve his Pokemon, and get stronger. He's also one of the more challenging rivals given your limited selection of Pokemon throughout the games. The fact that he's smug and condescending despite his losses (even if he is low key helping you) also makes it satisfying to beat him.

He also wins with a team of relatively unremarkable Pokemon. All the other Champions had to rely on gimmicks to win. Look at other champions. Steven had his Metagross (mega in the remakes) which is just OP by league standards. Cynthia had all the rarest, strongest Pokemon in Sinnoh. Iris and Lance had to rely on near full teams of Pseudo Legends. Diantha had Mega-Gardevoir. Even Hau and Kukui had Z-Moves to rely on (in an underdeveloped League at that). Blue's win is impressive by comparison.

Gameplay-wise, Steven and Cynthia are the better final bosses though.

Steven using a Pokemon you've never seen before in Gen 3 and it being far and away stronger than anything you've fought so far was surprising and could easily force you to re-battle the Elite 4 if you underestimated the challenge beforehand. Now, since Metagross is famous and popular and the games have expanded, he's easy, but in Gen3 with limited movesets and an utter lack of foreknowledge it was brutal.

Cynthia having the strongest and rarest Pokemon in Sinnoh helps her here since it makes her a more memorable fight. Her whole team really tests your knowledge and preparedness, as opposed to Steven who relies on his ace. She can be a struggle if you are underlevelled or don't know what you're in for.
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User Info: Conn_Eremon

4 days ago#26
Steven for some reason always stood out to me, and I voted for him.

That said, even though he's not the official Pokemon Master of that gen, I would have said Red from Gen II. Being able to locate and fight the reclusive, retired former Champion, who was your former character, seemed pretty mind-blowing for me, at the time.

User Info: GRTooCool

4 days ago#27
Who the blue hell is Trace?
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User Info: Crudelitas

4 days ago#28
I like Steven. He's pretty well-groomed, which makes him come off as very level-headed and professional imo. The other champions tend to be more eccentric or literal kids ... or both, in Iris' case.
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User Info: Leon481

4 days ago#29
GRTooCool posted...
Who the blue hell is Trace?

Let's Go rival.

Let's go is weird. It's a remake of Yellow, covering the events of the original games, while simultaneously taking place AFTER Red and Blue's journey and starring different characters.

User Info: PrimalElz

4 days ago#30
Cynthia. Best theme, best fight, best design, visits the player's resort home as a friend should.
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