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User Info: Deadinsideman

2 weeks ago#11
best girl always wins
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User Info: GoldRathalos

2 weeks ago#13
Who's the best Regional Champion
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User Info: GenericGuy

2 weeks ago#14
Steven > Lance > Everyone else > Cynthia > Trace
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User Info: Endgame

2 weeks ago#15

More climatic. More antagonistic. More personal. Starters and Champion are where Gen 1 really does win out.

Cynthia is s***. The only thing flatter than her chest is her personality. I will never understand the dumb obsession with her.

At least with Lucina (once again, only thing flatter than her chest.....) I know it's because she's Rule 63 Marth and people are too insecure to just embrace the feelings Daddy Marth invokes in them. Plus she actually filled her role as a disposable flavor of the week and has backed down to be replaced with Camilla, who is now being replaced by Edelgard. Cynthia just won't f***ing go away and keeps showing up in places she doesn't belong.

But Cynthia is just a sprite that is more defined by her Garchomp (which isn't even that strong) than any other aspect of her.

Also she has manface.
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User Info: GoldRathalos

1 week ago#16
It doesn't surprise me that Cynthia is winning this Contest about the Best Regional Champion since she is incredibly tough
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User Info: SmashingBros

1 week ago#17
Cynthia or Blue. They have the best balance of prevalent in the story and solid team imo, which all of the other Champions are bogged down by in one category or another.

Lance is up there with the above two, but he gets knocked down a peg for the majority of his team being Dragonite.

Steven is cool, but Skarmory and Metagross are the only team members of his I can even remember. Maybe Aggron? Also, Emerald just... switched him out. Why?

Wallace is fine, but see above. Also, why did we need a Water Gym Leader and Champion?

I like Alder as a character, but his team and his getting one-upped by N take him down.

Iris is cool. Kind of Lance but with a better team. I just wish we saw more of her rising up between BW and BW2.

Diantha has no role in the story and as much as I like her team members, they make her a joke since she doesn't get a rematch team. Plus she's the only one who's ace didn't rep her Gen- I get showing off the Mega, but still. I do really like her theme though.

Kukui (I'm counting him) was a really cool surprise, I really liked that twist. He's my number three for sure, the only thing that takes him down was Ultra.

Speaking of Ultra, I actually like Hau. That being said, it was just a less cool Kukui, and unlike Blue his team is pretty much stagnated by the time you get to fight him.

Trace is the worst. I know Blue was pretty similar, but having the cocky rival who's always running ahead overtake you only to lose once again and get called out by Oak was satisfying imo. Trace loses, and after spending the whole game trailing you, asks politely if he can go ahead of you. Then he gets trounced and Oak tells him that he lost because he cares too much... Say what you want about Hau, but Trace did the same thing much, much worse.

Blue = Cynthia > Kukui > Lance > Steven > Iris > Alder > Diantha > Hau > Wallace > Trace
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User Info: Kajagogo

1 week ago#18
The MC in Sun/Moon
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User Info: EchoPhoenix

1 week ago#19
I dunno, I find the champions to be the least interesting characters/fights in this series. The only thing I like about them is their music usually.

If N actually decided to claim the title, I would've voted him. He's got the whole rival thing going on that Blue had, only with higher stakes.

I think my least favourite is Lance, because it felt anticlimactic fighting him when you already beat him the game before. Kinda applies to Wallace too. I didn't mind Iris though because of how her story arc was about how she was supposed to have untapped potential in the first game.

Lexifox posted...
Not going to say who's best, but as someone who never played Let's Go, Blue was the worst champion in almost every way.

So basically, take every complaint you mentioned about Blue in your other post, and then make Trace even more unqualified, because others like Blue and Red have beaten the Elite Four before as well, they just didn't stick around to hold the Champion title and face challengers because the League didn't do that at the time.

User Info: Dumb-Fumbler

1 week ago#20
Endgame posted...

More climatic. More antagonistic. More personal. Starters and Champion are where Gen 1 really does win out.
He loses to you after about twenty minutes of ascending the thrown and you consider him to be the best.


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