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User Info: MalkyeaImbak

1 week ago#1
topic - Results (36 votes)
gen 1
5.56% (2 votes)
gen 2 (heartgold/soul silver base dex)
8.33% (3 votes)
gen 3 (omega ruby/alpha sapphire base dex)
13.89% (5 votes)
gen 4 (diamond pearl)
13.89% (5 votes)
gen 5 (black/white 1)
19.44% (7 votes)
gen 6 (x/y)
13.89% (5 votes)
gen 7 (alola dex)
25% (9 votes)
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this means you can only run pokemon available in that region (prior to get the national DeX which allows you the trade)
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User Info: roboemperor

1 week ago#2
gen 7 has all the past legendaries so.....

edit: Actually not sure if they're in the "regional dex". So if they're not then it's either gonna be ORAS cause primals and mega ray rules, or alola cause I love Zygarde Complete and Ultra Necrozma.
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User Info: DeltaSilver88

4 days ago#3
I automatically went for Gen 5 since Volcarona is my top-third favorite Pokémon, though I could also choose Gen 4 since Torterra is my top-second favorite (and I like Lucario too)...

My top favorite is Mew, but it isn't all that useful due to being mono-type. So no Kanto for me.
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User Info: FuzzyKiwi02

4 days ago#4
I would have said BW2's dex, but that isn't an option, for some reason...?
Neither is Platinum, which is so, so much better than DP's.

Probably the Alola Dex then. I guess TC you mean SM, instead of USUM, since you seem to have excluded third versions. SM has great variety to it without being bloated like XY, so I pick Gen 7.
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User Info: xyzlactic

4 days ago#5
I feel Alola would be the best VGC and competitive wise

You have

- The 4 Tapu's
- Original Ultra Beasts
- Incinerorar
- Chansey/Blissey
- Pelipper(Drizzle)
- Ninetales-Alola
- Porygon2/Porygon-Z
- Metagross
- Salamence
- Dragonite
- Garchomp
- Mimikyu

These are just noteworthy ones but there are many good ones in the Alola dex
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User Info: Leon481

4 days ago#6
Hard. XY has the best selection of regular Pokemon and Megas, but hardly any legendaries. ORAS has the top 3 legendaries in the game and some decent sub legends, but misses some important normal Pokemon. USUM has a huge pool of legendaries and a good collection of decent competitive normal Pokemon, but still lacks some key components.

User Info: SOLDIER_Bankai

4 days ago#7
X/Y basically has most of my favorites.

User Info: Andrex_93

4 days ago#8
SM is the VGC meta I know the most and it was quite good, but there still are some too wide power gap for my tastes and, between absurd UBs and Z-Moves, I'll gladly take one of the pre-Gen 6 ones.

Heck, I remember an event that ran on DP's meta (or maybe it was Pt, technically?), and that was incredible, from what I saw, so I'm gonna pick that one. BW would also be pretty good, I think.
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User Info: ChibiDragon

4 days ago#9
X/Y for me.

Alola would be a close second.
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