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  3. Which of the main games had the best post game? *potential spoilers*

User Info: kinabalu

1 week ago#1
Which of the main pokemon games had the best/most interesting post-game content?

above are just a couple of examples of post game content from each game, but you might personally remember more. i decided to put ORAS in its own category because its postgame content was way diff from original RS, but HGSS is grouped with Gen 2 bc it's more similar. but specify if you feel like you need to or whatever

and ya, we know that all games have post-game legendaries to catch. use that to make your decision as well

interested to see how this goes!

didn't include spin-offs on purpose... but if i missed a game, just explain below
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User Info: DarkKirby2500

1 week ago#2
Gen 2 was the only time it was actually impressive.

Frankly, post game was never important to me, I just want a good main story.
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User Info: Rydershigh

1 week ago#3
Typically RPGs don’t do postgame that often asside from a few superbosses or a endgame dungeon here and there. But Pokémon games tend to be like 20 hours long while RPGs like FF12 or DQ11 or Persona 5 takes weeks to finish.

A massive problem Pokémon games have had is they never compensate it’s short game with anything. Gen 2 was impressive due to time and software limitations and the other generations never hit bulls eye until their “sister” games (Platinum/Emerald/BW2) with USUM being the sad exception that it barley added anything at all
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User Info: DeltaSilver88

4 days ago#4
My favorite post-game are, in order from 1-3:

1) ORAS (Delta Episode) - cool as heck, for several reasons (flying into space, fighting Deoxys, the new music... could have done without Zinnia, though)
2) Gen 7 (Looker arc) - much better than Rainbow Rockets which were boring af
3) Gen 6 (Looker quests)

Least favorite post-game, in order 1-3:

1) Gen 7 (Rainbow Rockets) - was super disappointed by how boring it was. It was just battle after battle, with almost no storyline at all. Ugh.
2) Gen 2 (Kanto revisit) - if I want to revisit Kanto, I'll just play FRLG and LGPE. The Johto revisit just brings nothing new to Kanto at all, it's basically rehashing the same crap you find in Gen 1 games.
3) Gen 1 (catching Mewtwo) - only. Mewtwo. Not enough.
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User Info: DarkChozoGhost

4 days ago#5
I don't consider Kanto in G/S/C/HG/SS to be "post game."
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User Info: Leon481

4 days ago#6
Gen4 4 as a whole. Platinum has the battle frontier, tons of legendaries, a whole new island to explore (even if it is small), a couple of newly opened caves, major story trainer re-battles, contests get new celebrity super bosses (once you get national dex), underground with secret bases, and building up the villa. Also, ribbon collecting in general felt like an event rather than some tacked on addition, so it was a little exciting to collect ribbons on Pokemon the first time through.

HGSS also has the Pokemon Olympics, beating Red, the rest of the legendaries, and more Battle Frontier. It's barebones, but the little it has is pretty fun.

User Info: Orlososo

4 days ago#7
Gen 5, but for B2W2's stuff like unique locations for legendaries, PWT, battles with N, Alder, Benga, etc., instead of the reasons listed on the poll.

It's very close between HGSS and B2W2 for me though.

User Info: kinabalu

4 days ago#8
Orlososo posted...
Gen 5, but for B2W2's stuff like unique locations for legendaries, PWT, battles with N, Alder, Benga, etc., instead of the reasons listed on the poll.

agreed!! those are all really cool... it's a tie b/w gen 4 and 5 for me, but I also loved the Pokeathlon

not surprised by gen 2's popularity on the poll, but i am confused... you all would rather play through an entire region again and beat 8 gym leaders again?? idk I just feel like it's much more interesting when the post game offers different challenges than the main game
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User Info: GRTooCool

4 days ago#9
Absolutely Gen 2. I always thought that was a great concept moving forward... to see how much Kanto has changed in a few years.
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User Info: Serum

4 days ago#10
Wait, wait. Explore Kanto? From what I remember was there even anything to explore? Other than picking off the gym leaders there wasn't much there... Maybe I'm not remembering right but I don't remember it being as good as some of you are saying it is
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