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User Info: deathguise950

1 month ago#11
That would be cool.
I imagine it being an island like Mirage Island (I think that's what it's called) from Emerald where its just a basic island with some grass and you run around and encounter the starters randomly.
Although I would hope it has a better chance of appearing than Mirage Island.
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User Info: Whitley

1 month ago#12
So not talking about the first pokemon being one you have to catch?

Say game gives you 5 balls to catch your fave then prof gives you one of the ratata/pidgey equivalent from that region.

User Info: Leon481

1 month ago#13
As long as it's post-game. I like my starter feeling kind of special for my playthrough. As far as I'm concerned though, nothing is off limits in the post-game, so it works for me. Kalos did something similar with Shauna breeding her starter for you and that worked fine.

User Info: Brooks3000

1 month ago#14
Wild starters from previous generations should have happened a long time ago. I don't know why gamefreak insist on making them gift or event pokemon. Hopefully Sword/Shield will have a few starters in the Wild Area
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User Info: Moongeist

1 month ago#15
Sounds great
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User Info: TigerTycoon

1 month ago#16
Pokemon availability being gated behind some nonsense is stupid in the first place.

User Info: chicksan

1 month ago#17
That would be nice having starter of previous regions in the wild but they should be really rare
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