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User Info: Gurl_du_Voir

3 weeks ago#111
Primarina is decent, at least better than half of the other Water type starters. Brionne looks bad, though.

User Info: RainingMetal

3 weeks ago#112
Of course they'd give the ugliest starter the biggest movepool.
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User Info: FuzzyKiwi02

3 weeks ago#113
I'm amazed the contents of the thread managed to persist for so long, on a message board such as this one.

In any case, I haven't got any issue with Pokemon going for more masculine or feminine traits (as long as it doesn't go off the deep end), but I'd like to see fewer starters that are so human-like. No real issue with it, but it just feels like low hanging fruit, sometimes.
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@Padraigo52 posted...
@Gurl_du_Voir posted...

Yeh, these guys are using non-gender neutral pro-nouns. I have already contacted the thought police, and hopefully they will undergo sensitivity re-education.

I'm pretty sure he was concerned that TC spelled "feminine" wrong.
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User Info: KawaiiTakumi

2 weeks ago#115
Gurl_du_Voir posted...
Primarina is decent, at least better than half of the other Water type starters.

Not in designūü§Ę
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Defaze posted...
Imagine being this fragile.
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imagine bumping a week old topic just to quote somebody
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User Info: jw91

1 week ago#118
Delphox is fine; as people have said, it just looks like a robed mage and could be either gender. Primarina is definitely more of an issue.

Really, Pokemon shouldn't be so human-like. It's the same issue with Machamp.

It used to be Digimon that used odd, individualized accessories in their designs. Now Pokemon is doing it too. Primarina looks like she got a full fashion makeover, pearls and all.

It's not always necessarily an issue of gender though. It's the same with Scorbunny's little band-aid... what are the chances that ALL Scorbunnies everywhere would have that?
(edited 1 week ago)

User Info: Crudelitas

1 week ago#119
There are a couple of things I don't get.

How are individual accessories or attire is an issue, let alone a recent one?

Why shouldn't pkmn be human like?

Why are obviously feminine pkmn viewed as more problematic, than obviously masculine ones?

All of this stuff has been around since gen1. It didn't get shoe-horned in later, this was all part of the original experience.

Primarina is basically Jynx as a seal. Incineroar is basically Machoke as a tiger. How is this an issue now, after 20 years?
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User Info: TI_Four

1 week ago#120
roboemperor posted...
GenericGuy posted...
If it looks feminine, I don't want it to be f***ing male and vice versa. I'm surprised so many people are okay with this.

Well, the LGBT community is big in the u.s.

This has nothing to do with the LGBT community. I have met plenty of straight males that practically cough up a purse whenever they speak.

This has everything to do with simpleminded people who think appearance and behavior should align to some sort of mold.
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