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  3. If you were to specialize in only a single Pokemon type, which would you choose?

User Info: AlfredoJones

1 week ago#1
80/80. Would have liked to have added a poll to this topic, but sadly the limit of 10 answers kind of makes that difficult. Step up your game GFAQs!

Anyway, I would personally choose Fairy since it's the typing many of my favorite Pokemon have like Mimikyu, Mawile, and Mega Altaria. I also think it fits me personally since Fairy type specialists tend to be a bit spacy, something of which I'm guilty of.
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User Info: Rorrrr

1 week ago#2
Water because of options.
Water has a combo with ever type, with Volcanion being legend if it counts.
Same with Flying... except Tornadus is somehow the only pure flying type...?

Anyway Water is cool.
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User Info: Qucas

1 week ago#3
Bug just cause I like bugs.

User Info: SmashingBros

1 week ago#4
Ghost for sure, it's my favorite type. Mimikyu and Gengar are two of my favorites, plus Froslass, Golurk, Chandelure, and Cofagrigus to round out the team.
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User Info: FuzzyKiwi02

1 week ago#5
Flying, if had to choose just one.

Mostly because of the diversity among Flying types, and many of my favourites being that type.
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User Info: Loudxmouth

1 week ago#6
Ghost is my favorite type and has a lot of cool Pokemon.

Second would be Ice - I love to be freezing, and love the colder climates.
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User Info: Moongeist

1 week ago#7
Grass, my favorite type overall. Not sure what I'd go with, but there are plenty of good options.
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User Info: Dumb-Fumbler

1 week ago#8
Oof, er, uhm, probably Ghost or Ground.

Likely ghost
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User Info: Plasmas

1 week ago#9
Psychic, plus if it gives me psychic powers too (like the in game trainers) then double bonus
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User Info: Kajagogo

1 week ago#10
Fire. It's my favorite type!

My team would be:
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